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Why WEquil App?

A new learning platform for the digital age
Warren launched Secret Scholars Academy on our platform shortly after being abruptly fired from his school.
Who is Warren Smith?
Watch to find out why Warren Smith chose WEquil App!​

Join the Future of Social Media

No Ads

  • WEquil App is free without ads. Our users can create any type of content, class, product, or service and receives a 5% commission from sales. 

Quality Content

  • WEquil App hosts thousands of novel and useful projects. The higher quality content on the platform is a reflection of healthier incentives for creation.

Private & Secure

  • WEquil App's rooms and content are largely private and invite only. Projects are shared intentionally in relevant communities, and used in classes. 

Authentic Relationships

  • WEquil App connects users based on goals and connects them through hundreds of private rooms, free from unhelpful global commentary.  

Parents and Guardians

Personalize your child's education

Ailu Lu, CEO of WEquil School

Watch this interview with Warren Smith to learn more about how we help parents!

What we offer:

  • Create customizable learning pods for your child's learning community in minutes
  • Connect local microschools, virtual clubs and classes tailored to your kids interests
  • Earn income by managing your own co-op, clubs, and classes
  • Protect your family by managing privacy settings, connections, and digital projects
  • Empower your children with the latest in education technology

Teachers and Educators

Build scalable classes and virtual schools

Sumay Lu, CEO of WEquil App

Watch this interview with Warren Smith to learn more about how we help teachers!

What we offer:

  • Launch digital and hybrid classes, schools and learning communities
  • Connect your community to our global school marketplace
  • Save money and scale using our fully integrated platform
  • Leverage your brand and influence by connecting your followers
  • Sell other products and services through your room.

Our Story

Born out of the pandemic, led by visionary sisters.
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Connect in Rooms

  • Diverse Interactions: Tabs for discussions, projects, resources, events, and more.
  • Flexible Communities: From clubs, classes, learning pods, and microschools, it adapts to varying community needs.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Drive collaboration, discovery, and community building all in one place.
  • Integrated Learning: With the Classroom feature, rooms can offer project-based courses.
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