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Join WEquil Group

Be a part of our thriving community of innovators, teachers, parents and young people all striving to add value to the world.

Step One: About You

Introduce yourself with an "About Me" project to find like-minded individuals that share your interests! Your about me will be automatically shared in rooms you join.

Studying Online

Step Two: Join Rooms

Rooms are mini communities within WEquil App that are centered around some interest or goal such as a class, club, local group, learning community and more!

Online Meeting

Step Three: Meetup

Meet members in your room through a virtual or in-person meetup. These help to strengthen the bond between those in your community and provide a place or sharing ideas and interests.

Copying Down

Step Four: Create

Create projects projects inspired by your strengths and interests! A project is anything that is novel and useful which includes anything from articles, videos, classes, books, businesses, apps, etc!

Our Rooms


Clubs are Rooms for members that share any interest.


Classes are managed by members teaching any subject.


Microschools include virtual and local spaces to learn with peer members.

Our Principles

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Holding Hands


Holding Hands


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