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Sapiens for Kids

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

By Sumay...based on the best selling book "Sapiens" written by Yuval Noah Harari.

Back in the stone ages, every clan of cave men had the abilities of modern day marathon runners and gymnasts. They could move in the most agile and fluid movements as they carried on with their short, but happy lives. An average stone age individual would be able to turn a stone into a spear head in minutes. Our modern humans have attempted only to find ourselves with rock rubble. Even someone with years of practice may not be able to accomplish that amount of agility and strength.

In these modern times all you need are hands to get a job and maintain a happy un-starving life. You do not need an extremely agile body to bag groceries or clean windows. All you need is a very small skill set to make your way through life. As hunter-gatherers they needed to have abilities in a lot of different things. Deciphering if a mushroom is safe or not. If they had enough food to survive the winter. And the sounds of all the animals as an early warning system to detect danger.

As their hunter gathering days grew shorter and their agricultural days grew longer, homo sapiens slowly got lured into the trap of processed sugar, processed grains, and processed bodies. Slowly the agility in our bodies were replaced with...well...whatever that is (see below).

Slowly we consumed what we could make and not what we could find. And we got trapped in the world we call today. Many are unhappy with their jobs… would they have jobs if they lived in wilderness? No!

Homo sapiens started to get “smarter” and wiped out half of the large animals wherever they set foot upon. No sane human could say that we wiped out half of the large animals and call that smart. Imagine 12 foot birds, tiny elephants, and huge ants. They are all gone. Every last one of them. And there’s nothing we can do about it. We are trapped. We can’t go back because we don’t know how. We survive with air conditioning, and soft serve ice cream. And much of our history is forgotten.

People are rediscovering it but questions are left unanswered and historians can never get the full picture.

Now, when we say we domesticated rice is that really true? Not really, if you think about it, really, rice domesticated us. Instead of getting water from rain it domesticated us to water it. Then we were stuck lugging water from the wells and rivers under the blistering sun for the rice as they sit back, relax, and watch us do it.

Slowly as we got more into agriculture we started domesticating animals so we didn’t have to be so worried about our crops failing! But we treat animals horribly.

To make pigs dependent on humans, they chop off a chunk of the pig's nose to make it extremely painful for the pigs to sniff and rummage.

Pig snouter - A tool used to chop off part of a pigs nose

They also sometimes scooped out the pig's eyes to make it so that they couldn’t even see where they were going.

Female cows were almost constantly pregnant so they could get milk out of them. Once she has given birth her child is immediately taken away from her. If male he would be sent to get slaughtered. If female she would grow up, get pregnant, give milk, and then get slaughtered. Either way is horrible. The cows grow up in a box that is barely as big as them to make sure their muscles are soft. Because:

This is horrible to the poor cows and other animals forced through torture. It’s not right. Baby camels get part of their lips and nose chopped off to make it hurt to suckle so they won’t take up too much milk. Nevertheless this is all wrong doing. None of these animals deserve that kind of treatment. Animals are really just humans in a different shape they don’t deserve any of the hurt they're getting.


The clans of Homo sapiens got bigger and bigger until they were collecting taxes from millions of people. Now, how did they get so many people to cooperate? Myths. Let's say there is a clan, this clan is named Carrot. There are 5 people and they are just fine except for one dude. His name is Jeff. Now Jeff wants more people in the clan and in order to keep them in line he starts up the myth of the pink fluffy unicorn that dances on rainbows.

He says that the pink fluffy unicorn told him that he should be king and that if they disobey that the unicorn will jump off the rainbow and land on them. So because of that myth Jeff is now king of the clan and named the clan “Clan Jeff”.

And Ta-Da! Jeff is now “King Jeff Nominated By The Unicorn Of The Rainbows”. And yes... it is a very long name.

There are different imaginary things that aren't religions too. There is, for example, one we all believe in... it is called money. Now money isn't that stack of dollar bills on the counter. It is whatever what we believes has value. For example in some prisons they use cigarettes as currency.