an Artificial Intelligence solution for growing ourselves and relationships.

What if we used the power of AI to improve our relationships?

Our brains are amazing computational marvels that until recently were accepted as unmatched on earth. But brains can't store and compute all the data available to enhance our most important relationships. Machine learning models have already revolutionized how we connect (Facebook), Learn (Twitter), find jobs (Linkedin), and shop (Amazon). Its time we harnessed the power of AI to better express our love, pick out gifts, and discover great date ideas. You may find this incredible, but we think it’s inevitable.

WeGrowMe uses data gathered through the app to learn about your partner. Some of this data is provided up front, but most is gathered from simply using the app.


Users create a profile for just one romantic relationship. Our algorithms then select Love Action to perform each day. Love Actions can be thought of as the little things we do each day for our partners. They are the building blocks of a strong relationship. All Love Actions for free (or nearly so) and can be performed in less than 10 minutes.

Crowd sourcing occurs through user profiles. All users have the ability to create new Love Actions. Other users can even follow your creations. Over time, we expect our algorithms to do a better and better job of helping filter out the best Love Actions for your unique relationship by identifying correlations in preferences and feedback across users.

How it works

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Test it out!

We hope to complete a beta version of the app this summer. Sign up below to become a beta tester.

WEquil is teaming up with Wei Jiang and Andrew Reidlinger to produce a prototype of the app.


Check our blog below which includes updates on the app as well as resources for couples including insights from leading authors like Dr John Gottman, and famous books like "Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus. We will be linking new posts on your favorite social media platforms.

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