UP is a community with shared universal principles. WEquil formed UP because we believe that many problems in this world can be solved by first acknowledging shared beliefs about what is important, what is good, and what world we want to leave to future generations.


We invite you to review our universal principles below and share your reactions in the comment box below. If you would like to join UP and receive UPdates please say so in the same comment box. UP activities  include eating tasty food, sharing life experiences, building better relationships, and collaborating on ways to live happier more fulfilling lives for ourselves and our families. UP is based in Northern Virginia, but members participate from all over the world.

Growth Mindset

Believe you can improve yourself through time and effort.

Help Children

Support all children's right to have the opportunity to succeed.

Circle of Influence

Focus on areas where you can affect change.

Be kind

Show respect, appreciation, charitable interpretation and room to fail. 

Support freedom

Allow people the right to make their own decisions. 

Comments below are anonymous. UP does not solicit or share contact information with any outside organization. If you wish to join up and receive regular updates you need only provide an email address. Membership in UP is confidential unless the member decides to share their membership with the public.

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