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Startup incubator connecting passions with opportunities.

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How it works

Go Team


WEquil Group is a community of innovators. Children through adults practice the process of creating minimum viable ideas and growing them into reality. We also have a network of entrepreneurs and professionals across a range of industries who can help you succeed.

How it works

Digital social media


Our team can provide a wide range of assistance with technologies to help you automate and scale your solutions such as app building with Flutter, Python automation and machine learning, website development, and experience leveraging the power of digital platforms.  

How it works

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We can provide you with the human, financial, and digital capital you need to have a shot at success. Our school provides a path to quickly learn new skills as you grow your solution. Our platform can grow your digital presence on social media. Our capital is available in exchange for equity.

How to start

How it works

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Step 1 - MVP

Submit your idea for a minimum viable product or service below. We review your pitch and respond within 48 hours. Our team evaluates submissions based on our relationship with the individual and the viability of the MVP. Most (but not all) applicants are already  members of WEquil Group through our school or WEquil.Capital.

How it works

Rocket Launch

Step 2 - Launch

Our team typically helps applicants construct a "Free Call Option" ... which means we provide you test your idea without any seed funding by using our platforms to find "Core Users". This allows you to learn from experience if your MVP is worth further investment of your time and potentially our seed capital.

How it works


Step 3 - Iterate

We provide a range of free services to those in our community such as marketing, training, and a website. We can also provide paid services and seed capital to the right entrepreneur as you iterate and improve your startup. Our team loves working with creators so if you are an innovator we want to help.


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Our Team


Brandon McEachern

Lead Developer


Wei Jiang



Aila WEquil

WEquil.School Liaison

Nate Den Herder_edited.jpg

Nate Den Herder

Partner, Entrepreneur

Brandon McEachern is a Flutter webapp developer at WEquil group that enjoys challenges and critical thinking. Always eager to learn and grow while forming connections with new people.

Wei is a full stack mobile application and cloud computing developer. He is the Chief Technology Officer of WEquil Group and led the development of the WEquil.Startups  mobile template products. He also leads the development of WEquil.App.

Aila is the Founder and CEO of Blend & Mix and Co-Founder of WEquil Startups. She also runs a class on Minimum Viable Projects at WEquil.School every Monday at 3pm EST. Aila specializes in helping kids launch their own startups and build mobile applications.

Nate is the CEO of and the first entrepreneur to receive funding through WEquil.Startups. Nate helps review new startup applications and provides experienced consultation to our new applicants.


Ilya Rahkovsky

Chief Economist

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Kory Smith

Student Leader

Tim Stevens_edited.jpg

Tim Stevens

Angel Investor

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Joe WEquil


Ilya Rahkovsky has a PhD in Economics and an expert in machine learning applications. He is a thought leader on the nature of money and the principles of economic growth in our new digital, global personalized economy.

Kory is partnering with Aila on Blend & Mix and leads by example for other young entrepreneurs at WEquil Sschool.

Tim Stevens is an angel investor and entrepreneur. He specializes in generating innovative startup ideas and teaming up with passionate entrepreneurs with the skills to go from zero to one.

Joe is an angel investor who enjoys helping young entrepreneurs and grow their visions into reality. He co-founded WEquil Startups in order to connect with and support new entrepreneurs with great ideas, but without the technical skills or funds to get started.


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