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Louisville, Kentucky

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Open to opportunities anywhere in the USA.

About Sean

Sean Keller is a Chicago-native actor/comedian currently residing in Louisville, Kentucky. A main player in the Louisville Roasts series, he most recently played the title character in the Roast of Colonel Sanders. Credits include feature films Saugatuck Cures & Split, as well as various comedic shorts. Currently, you can see him as Adam Shanks in the popular webseries Bagged And Bored and in comedy clubs throughout Louisville. 

Work Experience

Here are examples of my work...please note that a lot of my content is for adults only. Ratings are based on my personal judgment. Watch at your own risk!

  • Character Assassination ... R-rated

  • Bagged and Bored ... PG - PG13

  • Star Wars Show ... PG-13

  • ALN podcast ... R-rated

January 2023 - June 2024

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Fictional roasts on Facebook. Adults Only 

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Web Series where I play a character named Adam Shanks.

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One man show parody on Star Wars.

Disclaimer: Sean Keller is not affiliated with WEquil Group. He is a guest at WEquil School Comedy Demo Days. You can join Sean on May 22nd by signing up on the WEquil School Facebook group at the link below. All materials created by Sean are his property. WEquil Group does not take responsibility for the nature of content created by Sean Keller.

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