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What causes suffering?

Updated: Jan 6

A lot of what we do at WEquil School is help kids cultivate an appreciation for what makes them Sumay Lu McPhail composed and played all the music you will hear in this video. We spent a lot of time on it because the message is so fundamental to our family's philosophy on not just education, but personal growth and navigating life since the fire.

There are lots of little videos, quotes, and animations included which we have never done before. We took the time because we know we will be looking back on 2022 for years to come...and this video captures a lot of what we learned during a particularly challenging year.

A lot of what we do at WEquil School is help kids cultivate an appreciation for what makes them uniquely beautiful. I didn't realize it at the time...but this philosophy defines me as a parent. By helping my daughters understand themselves they grew more confident and willing to try new things without fear of failure.

There are a lot of words we have tried to use to explain what we do ... project based learning, self-direct learning, learning by doing, life school ... but these are all just surface level strategies that miss what is really happening inside the minds of our students. What we are really doing is helping them grow an identity around their strengths ... building specific knowledge that grows only from following our own inner compass.

When we ignore and suppress all that makes us unique with standardized curriculums and standardized tests we slowly lose the most valuable tool we possess...our humanity.

All I want for Christmas is for more children to learn to love learning again ... especially about themselves. This is perhaps the shortest path they can take to avoiding unnecessary suffering.

If you happen to have the time to watch it please share your thoughts with us. Sincerely,

Joe WEquil

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