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Updated: Mar 6

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WEquilCraft is our vision for a Minecraft based virtual school. We have encapsulated our vision in this “Promotional Video” and along with dozens of the projects, presentations and classes, podcasts, and symposiums. Our team, which includes students, EdTech professionals, YouTubers, and architects. We have tons of ideas and materials on how we can grow our vision. We are seeking innovators ... especially parents and students ... to join our Discord Server, join WEquilCraft, and help us create the greatest Metaverse meets EdTech experience on Earth.

The rest of this article is organized as follows...

  1. Team

  2. Vision

  3. Opportunity


  1. Sumay Lu ... CEO of WEquil Group

  2. Joe McPhail ... Chief Architect of WEquilCraft

  3. Zaynab Dean ... Principal of WEquil.School

  4. Ryan Desiderio ... Team Leader

  5. Cadence Smith ... Instructor

  6. Isaac ... Visionary

  7. Jonah ... Keeper of Keys

  8. Aila ... Co-Founder

Sumay Lu is the CEO of WEquil Group. She has ultimate authority on all things associated with WEquil.School which by extension includes WEquilCraft. You can learn more about her vision for WEquilCraft and how it fits into her team's development of WEquil.App and the learning community at large by watching the video below.

Joe McPhail is the Chief Architect of WEquilCraft. He is on point to help guide our leadership team to creating a valuable Minecraft based learning experience. Students interested in participating would be wise to reach out to Joe for ideas and suggestions for getting started.

Zaynab Dean is the recently elected Principal of WEquil.School. She is the "Head Mentor" in a school led by children ... with the love and support of caring parents and our professional team. Parents who have questions about how we are using WEquilCraft to help create educational opportunities for their kids are invited to visit her "Principles Office" on Discord.

Cadence Smith is a student leader at WEquil.School and lead Java Instructor. He is the leader of our "Java Jedi" a select group of students who use the magic of programming to scale their imaginations in our Metaverse. Students interested in joining our Java Jedi are encouraged to reach out to Cadence on Discord in the "WEquilCraft" channel. To see some of our Java classes in Minecraft click the picture below or this link.

Ryan Desiderio is a new student at WEquil.School and recent hire to support WEquilCraft. He has extensive experience running servers and more advanced modification. We are excited to learn from him and use WEquilCraft as an opportunity to learn, grow, and create our flagship Metaverse + EdTech solution.


Our vision for WEquilCraft is a virtual school that takes leveraged the best of WEquil.School and the greatest game ever created ... Minecraft. We have composed dozens of the projects, presentations and classes, podcasts, and symposiums in our attempts to imagine how to succeed. We provide these materials below for you to review.

To get you in the mood we have written a draft introduction to our Welcome Letter. Note the inspiration from Harry Potter for experiences like the "House System" although we have original house names and inspirations. This Welcome Letter is subject to change, but provides a flavor for the opportunities and experiences we wish to provide our members.

Welcome Letter

Founded in the 21st century by Skyler Oak, Salin Silverblades, Laozi Dao and Stuffy McLu, WEquilCraft was established in the Metaverse to educate young wizards and witches as well as to give students the magical powers to personalize their education. Theory has it that Skyler Oak came up with the name of WEquilCraft after meeting other kids around the world during the great pandemic of 2020 who believed that their education should enhance their natural magical abilities unique to each human being. Since then, WEquilCraft has educated most wizarding children in the Metaverse, keeping its location decentralized so no one person could try to control or corrupt the power of leveraging each child’s unique strengths and interests.

About two years after the school was founded, the MyWizard Tournament was established as an interscholastic competition among the most prestigious magical schools in the Metaverse. The competition was created by a powerful wizard named BadRonin with the help of students Kji, Daisy, Zunzszo, and Jonah. Each tournament gave wizards across the Metaverse of all ages a chance to demonstrate their competence in the face of creative, collaborative and often terrifying challenges…each designed to prepare them for the real world.

WEquilCraft is a personalized, project based virtual school where students prepare for the real world by doing real things that create real value. Children of all ages are free to join so long as their parents wish to help them grow their natural and unique magical abilities. Education at Hogwarts is free without commitments, with some identifying as homeschooler and unschooler but without any official educational philosophy beyond “WEquil.School”...a style of personalized education built from first principle thinking that is designed to help young people succeed in the new personalized, digital, global economy.

Admission to WEquilCraft is self-selected, in that children and parents who desire to grow their magical abilities will naturally be drawn to WEquilCraft. The software revolution (as non-magic folks call it) allowed for free communication across the Metaverse. Parents that recognize the unique strengths and interests of their children would use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to find fellow humans that appreciated their desire for a personalized, innovative and practical education for their children. Such parents would detect the growth of unique magic in their children and join our Discord group. There is no admission test because, "you either recognize that you are uniquely magical or you do not" in the words of Salin Silverblades. Every day, mentors in WEquilCraft check Discord and discuss with parents how best to help them cultivate their unique magical abilities. Acceptance or refusal of WEquilCraft is at all times up to parents. The Welcome Letter contains a list of supplies like a computer, working internet connection, and other things that the student will need.

Curious students are expected to find their way into WEquilCraft through a magical portal created by its founders. The portal was created by a team of wizards, wise in the ways of Flutter … a magic developed by the most powerful wizarding company in the world Google. Skyler Oak led the development of WEquil.App to conceal the entrance of WEquilCraft behind a veil of normal looking virtual classrooms. Students can enter WEquilCraft through WEquil.App’s game room. Entrance to WEquilCraft is hidden inside a break room where students relax and drink magical healthy beverages like Smoothies called the Sneaky Cauldron. Finding the entrance is supposed to be impossible without the help of other wizards of WEquilCraft, but some particularly curious students have been known to find their way into the Minecraft based virtual school.


End Draft Welcome Letter...let us know what you think!



We currently have two webpages. These will be merged into one "Virtual Portal" on WEquil.App for students to enter WEquilCraft and enjoy or virtual Metaverse classrooms.




We have a House System inspired by Harry Potter with our own original inspirations. Students self-select into their own House after completing an "About Me" project which often identifies personality traits. These personality traits are the key defining features of each house.

This article explains the first iteration of our House System.


Here are articles explaining each House.

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WEquil craft abstract house https://www.wequil.school/post/wequilcraft-abstract-house

Students presented project on WEquilCraft during a Demo Day in September.

WEquil craft demo day https://www.wequil.school/post/wequilcraft-demo-day-sept-4th

Students also led the search for the right Minecraft Server

Post: WEquilCraft server https://www.wequil.school/post/wequilcraft-server


We are offering an opportunity to be part of building an innovative education technology solution leveraging the best of Minecraft and WEquil.School. We invite you to come and take part in our adventure. All are welcome from anywhere in the world. We do restrict access to WEquil.School so come prepared to introduce yourself and show our team that you are ready to help us create the greatest Metaverse meets EdTech experience on Earth.


Joe McPhail

CEO of WEquil Group