Welcome to WEquilCraft

WEquilCraft is the most powerful Minecraft server in the world...with the capability of hosting thousands of players and 500% more blocks than vanilla Java Edition. Students at WEquil.School have free access to WEquilCraft to design and build schematics, program data packs to create new "magical powers", design adventures, host team building events like Quidditch, and present digital projects to an avatar audience of the Minecraft loving members of WEquil Group.

To join WEquilCraft first join our Slack group through the home page of www.WEquil.com. Once you are on the Slack group, include a picture + bio and introduce yourself in the "join-WEquilschool" channel. From there our leadership team will meet with you and set up a phone or Zoom call to meet our community.

Pictures below are from the WEquilCraft server, hosted by Bad Ronin. You can learn more about Ronin and the WEquilCraft Server at this link.

Does that look like Minecraft?

No ... I didn't think so.


Mr WEquil