WEquil Websites and Platforms

Updated: Jan 31

WEquil Group is a community of shared interests for value creation. In order to achieve our goals we have created several websites, communication channels, platforms and social media accounts to help our community learn, grow and create! You can learn more about these accounts to decide which ones are most valuable to you.

Below are the various websites and platforms associated with WEquil Group:


WEquil Group

This website has all information about our community and how you can be a member of any of our platforms. http://www.wequil.com


Our virtual education community uses this website to publish projects for building their digital resume, create personalized classrooms, and launch Zoom meetings for students in our Accelerator program. We also provide information on news and events related to WEquil.School. http://www.wequil.school


Our website where we help investors grow human, financial and digital capital by connecting them to a broader audience. This is done by publishing projects based on stocks, crypto, investing, market analysis and other relevant investment based topics from our pool of investors and community members. http://www.intuitecon.com


This is our website where we make public, relevant projects from within our community. We leverage the power of community and effective communication to give various startups under our incubation a voice and access to a wider reach. http://www.wequil.com/startups


This is our webapp where we help automate and grow the vision of WEquil.School. Here we ensure that we can have personalized classrooms that encourage collaboration with other students, self directed learning and learning by doing by having students publish projects. http://wequil.app



We have three learning communities that help personalize success by leveraging their unique strengths and interests. WEquil.School videos help kids personalize their education through project based learning. WEquil.Capital videos helps investors grow human, financial and digital capital. We interview investors to help them reach a broader following. WEquil.Startups helps entrepreneurs build personalized startups that leverage their unique strengths and interests. Membership is free with opportunities to unlock powerful growth opportunities we are scaling with WEquil.App.


All of our learning communities collaborate on Discord. Here is the permanent link to joining our learning communities.



WEquil School: WEquil.School


WEquil Group Medium Account: https://medium.com/@WEquil


All of our learning communities have their own Twitter handles. Each provides updates and publications from our community. You can think of our twitter handles as showing progress and growth taking place in our communities while the websites show the total of all value created.

WEquilGroup: @WEquilGroup WEquilSchool: @WEquilSchool WEquilCapital: @WEquilCapital WEquilStartups: @WEquilStartups WEquilApp: @WEquilApp WEquilCraft: @WEquilCraft


WEquil Group: LinkedIn

WEquil School: LinkedIn


WEquil School: Instagram

We appreciate your feedback so please message us if you see a way we can improve. If you do not get an immediate response please kindly contact PrinceDede, Chief of Communications, on Discord.


Prince Dede

Chief of Communication