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The Philosophy of WEquil

Harmonizing Perspectives for Holistic Decision-Making

In an ever-globalizing world, the merging of East and West, both in personal relationships and intellectual spheres, has never been more pertinent. The philosophy of "WEquil" is emblematic of this very convergence — a term rooted in the unification of Eastern and Western philosophies, which embodies the principle of taking the best from disparate perspectives to create a coherent and comprehensive worldview.

Origin of WEquil

The inception of WEquil stems from the union of two intellectuals, Dr Lihong Lu from China and Joe Lu from the USA, both grounded in the discipline of Economics. Their intimate journey of understanding and assimilating the best of both their worlds gave rise to the term "East West Equilibrium". It was not merely an academic or theoretical concept, but a lived experience, manifesting in every decision and every conversation. Their shared life became a testament to the harmony achievable when two diverse worldviews meet, discuss, and choose the best from each realm.

Mosaic of Reality

As with the stained glass windows that paint vivid pictures using individual shards, the WEquil philosophy promotes the idea that a holistic understanding of any concept can only be derived when all perspectives are acknowledged and appreciated. Each shard, or perspective, provides a nuanced view, an aspect, a shade, or a color that contributes to the grand tapestry of reality.

This approach offers a profound method for decision-making. By deeply understanding oneself — strengths, interests, passions — and juxtaposing this personal reality with the external world, one can identify unique opportunities. It's about recognizing where one's specific knowledge can create the maximum value for the broader community. Such a method does not merely highlight individualistic goals but rather promotes an ecosystem where individual expertise serves the collective good.

Applications of WEquil

The beauty of WEquil lies in its adaptability. While its roots might be in reconciling cultural disparities, its branches extend into various facets of life.

For instance, in parenting and education, WEquil becomes a tool to foster individuality while simultaneously nurturing a sense of community. The establishment of WEquil School by the couple's daughters is a testament to this application. Rather than adhering to traditional, one-size-fits-all educational systems, the school emphasizes "Specific Knowledge". By identifying and nurturing the unique strengths and interests of each child, the institution not only promotes personalized learning but also preps young minds for future careers. It inculcates the ethos of learning through doing, setting kids on paths to earn and grow long before traditional educational systems would have allowed.

The WEquil App further amplifies this philosophy, integrating learning into life. It acts as a global nexus, bringing together students, educators, and parents. Here, personalized learning pods and microschools emerge, allowing for tailor-made educational experiences based on Specific Knowledge.

In Conclusion

WEquil is a philosophy for better decision making, and way of life. It highlights the beauty and strength that emerges from harmony, underscoring the importance of diversity and individuality. It serves as a reminder that while we all might have our unique perspectives and strengths, when combined, they paint a fuller, richer picture of the world. The philosophy of WEquil is, therefore, a beacon for a future where decisions are made holistically, acknowledging and embracing the myriad shades of human experience. This blog is a timeline of how the founders of WEquil applied this philosophy to their life.

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