WEquil Initiatives - Oct 4, 2021

Hello WEquil Group!

Our leadership team listens closely to our members to create a better community for you. Here are some initiatives inspired by your feedback. Please continue to tell us how we can do more to help you achieve Equilibrium.

Members are welcome to contribute to these initiatives and be featured in our "WEquil Achievements" video each week. Those who take on a leadership role will be featured in our Teams page so we can help you build your digital capital.

Priority Initiatives

  1. Weekly Achievements - Seeking Feedback

  2. Demo Day Themes - Seeking Contributors, Guest Speakers, and Entrepreneurs

  3. Standardized Self-Directed Classes - Seeking Strategy Reviewer

  4. Entrepreneurship Symposium - Seeking Entrepreneurs in EdTech and Blockchain

  5. Five Pillars of WEquil.School - Seeking Feedback from Community Leaders

  6. How to join WEquil Group - Seeking Feedback from Community Leaders

  7. Local WEquil Communities - Seeking Operations Leader

  8. Virtual Classrooms and Partnerships - Seeking Teachers and Partners

  9. Deep Learning in Action - Seeking Feedback Across WEquil Group

  10. WEquil.Startup Initiatives - Seeking Feedback from Entrepreneurs

We briefly describe these initiatives in the sections below. Please reach out to Vishal Daryanani, or Chief Operations Officer if you have an interest in taking on a leadership role for any of these initiatives.

1. Weekly Achievements

We will be showcasing Weekly Achievements across WEquil Group each Friday. We have a draft. A community leader Princedede has been driving this project, but he could use some help. Our goal is to have everyone who contributes populate their own slide so they are able to showcase their achievements and contributions to WEquil Group and the outside world. If you contributed to the last Demo Day and/or helped push initiatives at WEquil Group then please add your slide to this Canva Template.

2. Demo Day Themes

We are moving to a WEquil Group wide Demo Day Theme. You can sign up for this on Facebook, or simply look for the link in our Slack Groups and YouTube. Our first theme will be Know Thyself and the Personalized Economy. We are providing detailed fliers for WEquil.School and WEquil.Capital on how members can participate in this coming Demo Day.

3. Standardized Self-Directed Classes

Our WEquil.App and WEquil.School website are helping us to enable us to iterate on our class offerings. We are stepping up our class offerings by standardizing templates for applying teachers. Teachers must have demonstrated competency in the subject, submit video and written course materials, and a desired certification for WEquil Group to review. To be part of this initiatives or create a class please reach out to leadership in your community.

4. Entrepreneurship Symposium

We are looking to host two Entrepreneurship Symposiums. One will focus on Education Technology. The other will focus on Blockchain startups. We are looking for one entrepreneur in each field to lead the creation and recruitment for participation within WEquil.Startups in each before we market on social media.

5. Five Pillars of WEquil.School

We have created a draft Five Pillar framework for WEquil.School. These five pillars represent five forms of intelligence that many in our community believe are vital for success in our new Digital, Personalized, Creative, Global economy. Please reach out to Austin Smith for information on how to participate in these discussions.

6. How to join WEquil Group

We have streamlined our onboarding process into WEquil Group by having all applicants join the WEquil Slack Group. This is mostly to ensure safety and security for WEquil.School. However, we also want to have all adult members available on this Slack group for WEquil Wide announcements and collaboration. We are looking for Community Leaders at WEquil.School to help meet new members that wish to join the school. No one can join the school without verifying their identify and creating a project, unless they are personal friends or family of members of our leadership.

7. Local WEquil Communities

We are creating a roadmap to help members build their local communities both inside and outside of WEquil Group. The reason for this is that our community has been to this point largely virtual...and we want to help members achieve Equilibrium in a wholistic way. We are doing this through a combination of Facebook Groups and collaboration through Slack. We are seeking a homeschooling parent that is savvy with Facebook and interested in building their local connections to help us lead this effort.

8. Virtual Classrooms and Partnerships

We are opening up WEquil.School to partnerships willing to help create Self-Directed Virtual Classrooms in exchange for being featured in the classroom. This was at the request of many community leaders that valued the services provided by our guest speakers. Many guests are experts in their fields and/or have state-of-the-art education related platforms that could be of value to many students. We are open to more partnership so long as they have community leader support.

9. Deep Learning in Action

We are proving blog space for our leaders on WEquil.com. This is to facilitate communication of their efforts to the community and to the outside world. Vishal has already completed an example to showcase. We are setting up a WEquil Group wide meeting to tell everyone how they can participate.

10. WEquil.Startup Initiatives

We are actively recruiting entrepreneurs, angel investors, and developers to join our new WEquil.Startups learning community. We are also making available a Flutter WebApp template for startups and businesses that wish to create a low-cost and flexible WebApp that can be converted to Android and iPhone from a single code base. If you have interest in either please join WEquil Group and message leadership in the "WEquil.Startups" Slack channel.

Thank you for helping us better serve you ... our community.


WEquil Group

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