WEquil Group Weekly Update May 9th

This is the WEquil Group Weekly Update where we let you know what’s going on in WEquil Group and how we are improving our services to better help you. You can also watch the livestream at 10:00 AM on YouTube for more details and explanation:

WEquil School

The following are the goals and initiatives that our team at WEquil Group will be focused on for this week within WEquil School. If you want to learn more you can visit our website at www.wequil.school.

  • WEquil.School Weekly Process in classes

  • WEquil School Discord

  • Gathering feedback from members

  • Local Learning Opportunities

  • Using WEquil.App classrooms for learning

  • Demo Day Google Form

WEquil School Weekly Process in Accelerator Classes

In the WEquil School Accelerator Program we have classes every Monday through Thursday where we help students with their projects. Throughout the week, they come up with project ideas, create drafts, socialize with others, and present on demo day. We want to make these classes more structured for this purpose and to help students get their projects across the finish line.

WEquil.School will be releasing a video this week on the weekly process and how students outside of our Accelerator Program can also implement this structure. You can subscribe to our YouTube to ge notified: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC19WEDlnE_ntjPj5rOms8rg

WEquil.School Discord

This week we will be focused on creating a separate Discord server for WEquil School to provide more security, flexibility and information for members and those interested in WEquil School. Since we have young people in the school we want to provide assurance to parents that our community is safe, while also having separate areas to screen for new people interested in our learning community hidden from students.

If you would like to contribute or provide your own ideas on how it should be structured you can reach out to us through Discord and we would be happy to accept your contributions.

Gathering Feedback From Members

We care about all the voices within our community and are working every day to improve our service. However there isn’t a clear process to gather feedback from our members to know how we can improve. This week, along with the new Discord server, we will be implementing a clear solution to gather suggestions on how we can better help you.

Local Learning Opportunities

Although WEquil.School provides many virtual learning services we are also going to expand our local initiatives to help our students meet in person and get the benefits of meeting up in person.

Check out the Falls Church Homeschooling Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/155695703353382

Using WEquil.App Classrooms for Learning

Whether this is creating their own classroom, or learning from other classrooms of interest, WEquil.App’s goal is to become the best classroom to learn by doing and creating projects. Our team also appreciates any feedback and is continuously making improvements. You can see the latest updates on the WEquil.App YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-pVSFwCGJ4u4PyLhllx8XQ

Google Form for Demo Day

We have created a Google Form for those interested in presenting on Demo Day to submit their projects along with other details. This is so we can make sure all students are able to present in the first hour and to make sure discussions have their own time but do not cut into students' presenting time. You can find the Google Form link in the help-room channel. We will also include it pinned in our new Discord structure.

WEquil Capital

Here are the initiatives within WEquil Capital that are the focus for this week. To learn more you can visit: https://www.intuitecon.com/

  • Community Driven Newsletter

  • Publish research on WEquil.App

  • Investing Basics classroom

  • WEquil.Capital App

Community Driven Newsletter

WEquil Capital Weekly is the weekly newsletter published every Wednesday with insights from the WEquil Capital community on markets, investing, and information about the world generally. This is driven by insights and research from the collaborative hive mind. You can contribute as well by joining our Discord and publishing research on WEquil.App!

You can subscribe to the newsletter at this link:


Publish Research on WEquil.App

All members of WEquil Capital should follow the Deep Learning Process to most effectively learn and collaborate with our hive mind of curious individuals. Deep learning is a process that involves creating projects, synthesizing knowledge and your thoughts, socializing it with others, and iterating upon your work and understanding.

You can start publishing projects on WEquil.App by watching this video: How to Publish Articles on WEquil App

Investing Basics Classroom

WEquil Capital put together an investing basics classroom for WEquil.App to help investors learn about certain key skills needed for investing. You can see the beginnings of the classroom at this link: https://wequil.app/classroom/99nysEmqnXu115

WEquil.Capital App

WEquil Capital is in the process of developing a Flutter app for forecasting the probability of predictions in stocks, and other assets. You can learn more here: https://twitter.com/WEquilCapital/status/1512601552653103104

WEquil Startups

The following are the goals and initiatives that our team at WEquil Group will be focused on for this week within WEquil Startups. If you want to learn more you can visit our website at https://www.wequil.com/startups

  • Outreach to entrepreneurs

  • Connecting developers and entrepreneurs using FlutGo

  • Improving upon FlutGo led by Martino Yovo

Outreach on Social Media Platforms

We will also provide opportunities on various social media platforms to find entrepreneurs that may be in need of our solution. You can follow WEquil Startups on Twitter here, and we will be joining other social media platforms to further connect with those who are interested.

Connecting developers and entrepreneurs using FlutGo

Entrepreneurs and developers can use FlutGo at https://flutgo.web.app/ and either post job opportunities or build your portfolio!

Improving upon FlutGo led by Martino Yovo

You can check out FlutGo here: https://flutgo.web.app/#/

Martino Yovo, the CEO of FlutGo will be continuously improving on FlutGo to help global Flutter developers find work and opportunities.

You can join our Discord to provide feedback on how we can better help you: https://discord.com/invite/ZHyXYYMv2T

WEquil App

Here are the priorities for WEquil.App for this week. You can go to https://wequil.app/ to see our progress.

  • Rooms functionality

  • Moving WEquil Group community to WEquil.App

  • Adding YouTube integration

  • Customization

  • Notifications page

Rooms Functionality

The rooms functionality within WEquil.App will enable community building. This is tailored for entrepreneurs and YouTubers that are looking to build community around what they are doing enabling new opportunities. We have already built a basic framework of functionality but will continue improving the UX and flexibility. If you have any suggestions or would like to be one of the first to create a room please reach out through Discord.

Notifications Page

The notifications page is important for many different aspects of the app, but most especially for the admins of classrooms who need means of getting notified when students apply for their certification. This is one of the next functions we will be implementing.

Hiring Flutter developers!

WEquil.App is hiring Flutter developers! You can apply by joining our Discord and introducing yourself: https://youtu.be/cuuOMwHAX2Y


These are the priorities for the coming week within WEquil Group. There are many things going on and we have many great people within our team and community helping to move all our initiatives forward. If you take interest to any of these feel free to join our learning community on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ZHyXYYMv2T

If you have any questions you can contact us through whichever platform is most convenient:

Gmail: wequilgroup@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/WEquilGroup

Facebook: facebook.com/WEquil

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/wequil-group

Website: www.wequil.com


Sumay Lu, CEO of WEquil Group