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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Wow was that fun watching Sumay and Corinne talking about our upcoming Green Demo Day! If you have not watched this yet then I recommend it...great way to get kids excited about clean energy and sustainable living. Like many initiatives across WEquil Group this is global in nature. New members are joining from all over the world. In this article we talk about the five we are helping to connect members locally and globally.

Global + Local Initiatives

  1. Welcome to WEquil's Slack Group

  2. Northern Virginia Homeschoolers

  3. WEquilCraft Mega Server

  4. Global Virtual Classes

  5. Local Learning Communities

  6. Blockchain Startups

Welcome to WEquil's Slack Group

The first thing we are doing to help connect our members is through a combined WEquil Wide Slack group. You can join through WEquil.com by clicking "Meet WEquil Group". From there you will be able to talk to our leadership and meet with others across our global learning community.

There are three sets of channels including the WEquil Pillars, Regions, and Occupations. The first is how you join our WEquil Learning Communities including "1-Join-WEquilSchool", "1-Join-WEquilCapital", "1-Join-WEquilStartups".The second includes regions where we are actively promoting local connections such as "2-WEquil-India". The third includes occupations and groups of people based on interest "3-WEquil-Entrepreneurs" and "3-WEquil-Homeschoolers".

From here new members are able to learn more about WEquil from other members of WEquil. We post announcements about events, but many events are restricted to individual learning communities. Those who wish to join the school need to have their social media accounts reviewed and talk to a member of our leadership team before being considered. Adults looking to join WEquil.Capital or WEquil.Startups can typically join right away as long as an existing member accepts their request.

Joining our WEquil Slack Group is a great way to connect across our group and give back to our community by helping new members learning about new Initiatives, our philosophy of Deep Learning by Doing and finding out Path to Equilibrium.

2. Northern Virginia Homeschoolers

We are working extremely hard to help connect homeschoolers in and around Northern Virginia. Our team includes Justin Shell, a fellow Homeschool Dad and EdTech entrepreneur, and well as a growing number of homeschooling moms to create and automate reoccurring events to help build community.

Homeschoolers across twenty different local areas in Northern Virginia (more than what's shown below) have the ability now to initiative a set-and-forget invitation to join a growing number of events and let our team help manage and grow participation. We are being guided by feedback from the 200 some member of a network of Facebook groups we are moderating with help from local homeschoolers.

The key problem / opportunity here is connecting homeschoolers in an area where homeschooling is less popular, and highly transitory. The DC Metro area has people moving in and out all the time so you might have a homeschooler take the lead on a park meetup or game night, but then move ... leaving everyone they connected to try and keep the already fragmented community together.

WEquil.School's relentlessness in collaboration ... combined with automation through Justin's MySchool platform is a powerful solution. Sumay and I are not going to stop helping local homeschoolers see the power of coming together around shared interests like Music, 3D Pringing, Theater, Public Speaking, Sports and more. We have some big ideas for how to make Falls Church the center of a thriving homeschool environment for years to come.

3. WEquilCraft Mega Server

WEquilCraft is arguably the most innovative educational tool as well as the most powerful Minecraft server in the world. The project is being led by Bad Ronin, who took our school on a "Virtual Fieldtrip" to his customized State-of-the-Art Minecraft Server a month ago. It was truly epic...but what happened next will blow your mind.

Bad Ronin and I became instant besties and through a series of multi-hour conversations and a truly heroic effort from Ronin...he revealed it to WEquil.School our new WEquilCraft Server. It is exactly the same server he operates, but better because he is making it safe and secure for our students and already built a suite of tutorials that you can find on his Virtual Classroom at WEquil.School.

WEquilCraft features nearly 10,000 blocks compared to maybe 1,000 in a typical server. Our students are learning to design 3D Skematics, design their own blocks, create games, build castles, and so much more than what you can do on really any other server. Just look at these pictures...and tell me if that looks like Minecraft to you...

What does this have to do with WEquilGlobal?

We are allowing kids from families anywhere in the world to join WEquilCraft...but in order to actually do things like use all the customized blocks and modifications...they will need to join WEquil.School. Once they join...kids are free to join our growing number of classes, team building events, Demo Days, and more...hosted right on a server that can handle up to 4,000 guests at a time.

4. WEquilAfrica

WEquilAfrica is an initiative for Africans to help fund learning hubs for kids to have access to good and quality education via WEquil School app platform in Africa. This initiative will be funded using WEquilDAO (WEquil's Decentralised Autonomous Organization) which will be created on the polygon Blockchain. When launched the DAO will be opened for the general public to be part of and be able to make contribution to this great project. This will be kick started in Nigeria and Kenya, and with time spread across all of Africa.

The funds will be used in the following areas:

  • Setting up of learning hubs all across Africa for kids to have access to our learning community.

  • Power supply for areas without good electricity. This will be done by installation of solar panels and inverter to be used in our hubs.

  • Provision of PCs and other accessories that will be used by our students in our learning hubs.

  • Provision of internet facilities to be used in our learning hubs.

5. Global Virtual Classes


6. Local Learning Communities


7. Blockchain Startups