Welcome to WEquil.Startups!

Updated: Nov 26

Thank you for your interest in our learning community. Please read this letter to learn about our mission and how you can apply to be a member. The process for further involvement by joining our team is also outlined at the end of this letter.

Mission: Building a startup incubator that connects passions with opportunities

WEquil Startups is how our members leverage their capital to create their own business tailored to their unique strengths, interests, and passions. Our team has the community, technology and capital available to help passionate and motivated entrepreneurs materialize their ideas into real businesses. The services we provide at WEquil.Startups includes, but is not limited to: website development, business plans, marketing, networking, strategy and seed funding.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who is ready to launch a startup, or you simply are interested in learning and cultivating knowledge about entrepreneurship and the process of creating a business, we welcome you to be a member of our learning community.

How to become a member

The first step to becoming a member at WEquil.Startups is to complete an “About Me” project. Completing this Google Form is your ticket to joining our community, and will guide you into thinking critically about how your passions and strengths can add value to WEquil.Startups. This is how we help personalize your learning journey with us and help us identify opportunities that match your interests. Additionally, members will be able to read your project and identify mutually beneficial collaborative opportunities.

Once you have completed your About Me project, you can join the WEquil.Startups Slack Group. Slack is the hub of our communication. In this group, you will receive information about all events, virtual meet ups and workshops that we host. We also have dedicated channels where members can discuss specific startups in our incubator and startup ideas.

Deeper Involvement - Become an Innovator

Innovators are our team of individuals who are more deeply involved with WEquil.Startups. Innovators are those who wish to launch a startup with us or angel investors who are interested in providing seed funding for businesses we are launching.

To join the Innovators, you must provide Proof-of-Work where you can write about a startup that you wish to launch or about the kinds of startups you would like to fund. Proof-of-work can be provided through written articles, podcasts, videos or any medium that can adequately signal your interest and aptitude.

Please upload your Proof-of-Work in this Google Form to apply.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would just like to chat with us, you can reach us at:

Email: wequilgroup@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WEquilStartups