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Updated: Jan 28

Thank you for your interest in our learning community. We are free to join through our Discord group. From there you can meet our professional team and learn more about how we help our members. Please read this letter to learn about our mission and how to make the most of our entrepreneurship learning community. You can find updates and events on the home page at www.WEquil.com/Startups.

Please read this letter to Innovators by our leadership team if you have done so already...


Help founders, developers, innovators, and angel investors collaborate and connect the strengths, interests and passions to solve real problems and add real value to the world.

WEquil.Startups is how our members leverage their capital to create their own business tailored to their unique strengths, interests, and passions. Our team has the community, technology and capital available to help passionate and motivated entrepreneurs materialize their ideas into real businesses.

Free Services

WEquil.Startups provides a wide range of free services to help us achieve our mission of helping you. To access these services, all we ask is that you join our Discord group and introduce yourself to the learning community.

Our free services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Innovators Symposium

  2. Seed Capital

  3. Innovators Blog

  4. Partnerships

  5. Podcasts / YouTube Series

Our Innovators Symposium details can be found in this link. WEquil Startups hosts a monthly Innovators Symposium every third Friday at 10:30am EST. Entrepreneurs, developers and angel investors are welcome to attend. Founders are encouraged to present their value propositions. Everyone is welcome to discuss their initiatives and how they are positioned to create value. Those who wish to present are required to submit their application by email to WEquilGroup@gmail.com. Those who wish to attend can sign up through this reoccurring Facebook Event. These events are live-streamed on our YouTube channel to help promote our members to the world.

Seed Capital is available to qualifying entrepreneurs. Founders looking for seed capital are welcome to apply by emailing us at WEquilGroup@gmail.com. Our leadership team reviews submissions for compelling opportunities. We also circulate these with angel investors and venture capitalists in our learning community. Those who are selected are invited to pitch during our Innovators Symposium, and privately in a separate forum with interested investors.

Innovators are welcome to apply and join our Innovators Blog by completing an “About Me” project. Once you complete this form our leadership team will review to determine if your interests and passions align with the values of WEquil Group. If you are accepted, we provide you with blog space to share your story and value propositions with our community and the world.

Partnerships provide a zero cost way for some members who have interests and passions that align with our broader WEquil Group learning communities which also include WEquil.School and WEquil.Capital. Our partnerships take many forms. Some lend themselves to Podcasts and YouTube Series as we discuss next. We also partner with some entrepreneurs by supporting their startups through shared equity such as our FlutGo Flutter App.

We also give partners their own "Virtual Rooms" on WEquil.App. These rooms give partners the freedom to create valuable resources for our members in combination with a portal to their personal websites, business websites, links to books they are selling, or other service offerings. Many of our partnerships are with EdTech Entrepreneurs who are collaborating with us to help students and families at WEquil.School such as those with Nisha, Justin, and Frazier mentioned below to name a few.

Podcasts and YouTube Series are a fifth way we help our members for free. These podcast and YouTube opportunities are available to partners only so please complete an “About Me” project and signal your interest in creating or joining a podcast/YouTube series in your response. We have several right now such as our "Rethinking Education" podcast. We are also excited about launching more of these in technology areas where have already produced valuable content for our members such as in Youth Entrepreneurship, Machine Learning, Gamification, Blockchain, and the Metaverse.

Together these services combined with opportunities to meet and connect with our leadership team and members is just what a lot of entrepreneurs, developers and angel investors need. However, we also provide a wide range of paid services for those looking for more assistance launching or scaling their solutions.

Paid Services

WEquil.Startups provides a wide range of paid services.

To request these services, please ask our leadership team on our Discord group after introducing yourself to our learning community. We are here to help...

WEquil Startup Initiatives

WEquil Startups is growing rapidly and always launching new initiatives. Watch our WEquil Vision 2022 video or read the this blog post to learn more.

If you want to take part in these initiatives or have ideas for new ways we can improve our service to you please join our Discord group and let us know how we can help you.

You can learn more about how we are helping entrepreneurs here: https://www.wequil.com/startups


Sumay Lu, CEO of WEquil.Startups

Wei Jiang, CTO of WEquil.Startups

Joe McPhail, CEO of WEquil Group

If you have any questions or would just like to chat with us, you can reach us at:

Email: wequilgroup@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WEquilStartups