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Updated: Jan 28

Thank you for your interest in our learning community! You are free to join through our Discord group. From there you can meet our professional team and learn more about how we help members of our project-based learning program. You can find updates and events on the home page at www.WEquil.School.

Mission: Help members learn faster by doing real things to prepare for the real world.

WEquil.School is a project-based virtual learning platform. When the pandemic hit … our founders Sumay and Aila gave a series of interviews to GoGuardian outlining their vision for a better school where they were free to learn by doing real things to prepare for the real world. They imagined a school personalized to each child’s unique strengths, interests and passions … a school where kids teach kids, build games and apps, publish research, launch startups, design products, and collaborate in games around shared deep interests.

Today, that vision has become a reality with the help of an amazing global team and supporters at Google, Women in Tech, Girl Scouts, leading SaaS Companies, Influencers, Scholars, EdTech leaders, College Coaches, Universities, Parents, YouTubers, Developers, Consultants, and students who helped us create over 400 projects using our project-based, self-directed learning by doing model.

Parents find it hard to imagine a world in which kids love learning so much that they learn to take charge of their education. That is what we do. Watch this video to get a feel for what that world looks like...

WEquil.School provides a wide range of free services to help us achieve our mission of helping you. Our project-based approach allows for some innovative opportunities that we are using to help our student launch more successful careers and access better higher-education opportunities from anywhere in the world. These opportunities come down the ability to personalize ones education while creating a "Digital Resume" consisting of hundreds of projects that students can use to generate passive income while also signaling competence and preparedness in a verifiable way to parents, peers, leading employers and college administrators.

We serve all students across all countries.

Free Services

WEquil.School provides a wide range of free services to help us achieve our mission of helping you grow your "Digital Resume". To access these services, all we ask is that you join our Discord group and introduce yourself to the learning community.

Our free services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Project Based Learning ... A free global school

  2. WEquil.App ... Automated learning by doing platform

  3. Virtual Classrooms ... How kids teach kids

  4. Five Pillars of Preparedness ... Degrees and Diploma

  5. Digital Resume ... Proof-of-Work meets EdTech

1. Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is the primary means by which our students learn and signal value to the world. We do not use grades or have a strict formal curriculum. Our websites have dozens of articles and videos that we use to help members learn to apply this approach to improve their education and post graduation success. Students enrolled in our accelerator program receive tutoring instruction, but students and parents can apply our process for free using these material including videos like the one below.

Co-founders Sumay Lu and Joe McPhail host a TV show every Monday through Thursday called WEquil Live where we provide further instruction and inspiration for creating projects. We just wrapped up episode #100 ... during which we outlined initiatives and opportunities within WEquil.School and our broader learning communities across WEquil Group. Parents and students are welcome to join our YouTube channel or our Discord group and ask questions about our project-based approach to education.

Students are also free to submit their projects by email to WEquilGroup@gmail.com. Our leadership team reviews these projects and if they find them to be both novel and useful, will create an account for the student on WEquil.school and share their project on WEquil.Live! This is how we are allowing students to earn certifications, degrees, and a diploma from anywhere in the world without paying a dime.

2. WEquil.App

WEquil.App is launching at the end of 2022. This is a free WebApp that you can go to do everything we do at WEquil.School for free on demand. Students can create projects, build virtual classrooms, launch apps, join live classes, play games like WEquilCraft and much more. Our global professional team is continually adding new features to WEquil.App so check it out and let us know what you think!

WEquil.App features each student's "Digital Resume" and a growing number of education apps and classrooms. We are particularly excited about these two of services ...

Flutter was our first classroom. Sumay created a host of videos to help teach kids to build apps that top Google executives discovered during the pandemic.

WEquilCraft is our Metaverse + Gamification solution for kids who don't like "school". It's amazing. Watch this video...

3. Virtual Classrooms ... how kids teach kids

WEquil.School has a growing number of virtual classrooms being built by students on WEquil.App. Self-directed versions of these classrooms are free to the public including those on Flutter, Python, Scratch, History, Economics and more! Student looking to grow their communication skills through public speaking, video creation, and dive deeper into their favorite subjects can create their own Virtual Classroom. We provide a process and guidelines for growing a classroom that allows students to stop anytime, or grow their classroom into a viable business that can generate income.

4. Five Pillars of Preparedness

We’ve interviewed college coaches, university admissions experts, and entrepreneurs creating higher education opportunities for the 21st century as part of our Rethinking Education series. We’ve interviewed top employers at global companies, leading EdTech entrepreneurs, and successful graduates of top universities as part of our Innovators Series. There are many differing opinions about what helps young people succeed in our new technology enabled global economy, but they agree that everyone stands a much better chance of success if they are creative, curious, emotionally intelligence, fluent with technology, and can apply their skills to solve real problems and create real value.

WEquil grouped these insights into the Five Pillars of Preparedness you see listed below. Students who achieve certain milestones will be eligible to request degrees. Mentors in our community including parents and professionals review each student's projects and achievements to determine if they are eligible for these degrees. Student must publicly present their achievements in a recorded video which we link to all our credentials so that future employers and higher education opportunities can verify proof-of-competence on demand. All student projects are located on WEquil.School or WEquil.App so that they can showcase all their knowledge and achievements to the public.

5. Digital Resume ... Proof-of-work meets EdTech

Everything our students do is real. Most every "homework" assignment kids do in traditional schools ends up in a recycle bin because it often does not add value to other people. Well meaning teachers and educators try to create useful curriculums and tests to measure knowledge, but kids forget most everything because this type of learning doesn't reflect the real world.

Every time kids learn at WEquil.School, they also grow real relationships and create real value. We demonstrate this through what we are calling the "Digital Resume". Students at WEquil.School don't need grades because their "Proof-of-work" is self-evident from the giant portfolio of creative projects and achievements they feature on their profiles. We are automating features that allow our students to automatically grow passive income models and personal brands across the new digital economy including platforms like Medium, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

By the time a ten year old student at WEquil.School graduates they are likely to have many hundreds of projects including published research, videos on classes they created, websites hosting their apps and startups, and dozens or hundreds of public presentations where they show the world in an undeniable way that they are prepared no matter the future.

How do we know this is possible?

Because that is exactly what our founders Sumay (age 12) and Aila (age 9) have been doing since the start of the pandemic...

Paid Services ... Accelerator Program

The founders of WEquil.School believe that education should be free in our new software driven world. However, many parents have requested that we provide a more intensive "Accelerator" program to help students that are new to project based learning. Given this demand we are now offering personalized instruction on how to learn by doing.

To subscribe to our accelerator program, please visit https://www.wequil.school/plans-pricing

You can also learn more about our accelerator program by watching our promo video:

Students in our Accelerator program that are at least 14 years old may also have an opportunity to earn money through WEquil.Startups. We have hired two students so far. Both learned how to program at WEquil.School and are now earning money building apps for startups.

Students enrolled in our Accelerator program will also have the option to present their projects each Friday at 9am or 5pm EST. These presentations will mostly be private, but some will be public with parent permission for topics of greater interest to the public.

Parents who wish to join the Accelerator program but cannot afford the cost are welcome to request waiving the $60 a week fee. To do this complete an “About Me” project. Completing this form will guide you into thinking critically about how you can follow your interests and strengths at WEquil.School. This is how we help personalize your learning journey with us. Our leadership team will review your submission and decide if WEquil.School is a great fit for your kids and work out an arrangement if appropriate.

If you want to join WEquil.School or have ideas for new ways we can improve our service to you please join our Discord group and let us know how we can help you.

You can learn more about how we are helping entrepreneurs here:




Sumay Lu, CEO of WEquil.School

Joe McPhail, CEO of WEquil Group

If you have any questions you can also reach us at:

Email: wequilgroup@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WEquilSchool