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Updated: Jan 23

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WEquil Group is a decentralized community of individuals with shared principles seeking Equilibrium - a harmony between our unique strengths and interests and the wants and needs of the rest of the world. For more information about our views and philosophies, check out this article that we wrote on the Path to Equilibrium.

Three Pillars of WEquil Group

Our community consists of three pillars with distinct functions that work synergistically with one another to collaborate.

  1. WEquil.School - A self-directed and project-based virtual learning platform. Students use our deep learning process to develop real world skills and have fun doing so. Learn how to join WEquil.School!

  2. WEquil.Capital - A value creation and learning community focused on growing financial capital. Research is augmented by a decentralized investment community compensated through proof-of-work. Learn how to join WEquil.Capital!

  3. WEquil.Startups - A startup incubator with a focus on connecting passions with opportunities. We specialize in building websites, mobile applications, blockchain solutions, data automation algorithms, and machine learning models. Learn how to join WEquil.Startups!

Want to be more involved? Join our Team

Being a part of the Team at WEquil Group enables you to become a blog writer at WEquil.com where you will be able to publish your initiatives and share with our community.

Our Team consists of three core groups:

Mentors - People who want to create a class or lead education related initiatives at WEquil.School. Brain Trust - Our focused investing research team at WEquil.Capital. Innovators - Those who fund or create a startup through WEquil.Startups.

Members who wish to join our Team must submit Proof-of-Work relating to the pillar they would like to join. To join our Team, please fill out this Google Form.

Socialize, Iterate and Improve

Please always tell us how we can do better for you. Our mission is to help people reach Equilibrium through collaboration, radical transparency and deeply understanding our unique strengths and passions. Thank you for being our community!

Contact Us

Email: wequilgroup@gmail.com

Twitter WEquil.School - https://twitter.com/WEquilSchool WEquil.Capital - https://twitter.com/WEquilCapital WEquil.Startups - https://twitter.com/WEquilStartups Sincerely,

WEquil Leadership Team