Welcome to WEquil Group

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Welcome to WEquil Group ... a decentralized community of shared principles seeking Equilibrium … a harmony between our unique strengths and the wants and needs of the world. When you find Equilibrium you are free to learn, grow, and create value for others in a way that leverages that which makes you irreplaceable. In this welcome letter we share how you can join, our mission, and what we do to help our members.

How to join?

Everyone striving for Equilibrium is free to join our learning communities through WEquil.com. One you join our Slack group you can meet leaders in all three communities. Everyone uses the same Deep Learning process to learn, grow, and create value. From their leadership can help introduce you to our learning by doing philosophy ... and how we help members grow opportunities that fall along their path to Equilibrium.

Friends of existing members can join directly. Those without a reference can join by creating a project. The deep learning by doing process is inspired by the "Minimum Viable Product" concept used frequently in entrepreneurial settings. Everything we do is a "Creative Project" ... kids designing their own coding classes, parents presenting new initiatives to improve the school, investors learning about new technologies and companies, to entrepreneurs testing ideas and scaling solutions. By creating projects new members signal "Proof-of-Work" and buy-in to our approach to learning.

Questions regarding members can be directed to leaders in our Team page at www.WEquil.com

Our Mission

We provide a Path to Equilibrium ... that helps members grow Human, Financial, and Digital capital. These are the three sources of value creation ... and we provide a learning community, resources, and guidance to help you grow each of them so you can pursue your passions.

WEquil.School helps members learn to build human capital through a process we call Deep Learning. Our school is student led global learning community with members in over 20 countries. We don't have grades or formal teachers. Everyone learns by doing real things for the real world by creating projects. We provide a wide range of free services through member led classes, events, and over a dozen and growing partnerships with EdTech platforms. There is no formal curriculum, but we do provide certifications, micro-degrees and a diploma for those that demonstrate Creative, Intellectual, Emotional, Digital, and Practical Intelligence. Learn more at www.WEquil.School.

WEquil.Capital helps members grow financial capital through investments. Our investing community could be thought of WEquil University, where students learn about value creation. Members are free to invest in our fund, contribute and earn income from their research, collaborate with each other through our platform, socialize ideas and grow digital capital by joining our podcast, and receive financial advice for those in geographic regions where we are registered as financial advisors. WEquil.Capital is how we fund all the free services across WEquil Group and we attribute our success at investing to the process of Deep Learning. Everyone is free to join through our website at WEquil Capital.

WEquil.Startups helps members create and grow a business tailored to their Equilibrium. Such a business maximizes freedom by playing to the unique strengths, interests, and passions of our entrepreneurs. Our startup community includes a mix of developers, new entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and angel investors. Many of our members are also members of WEquil.School and WEquil.Capital ... providing a direct portal marketing minimum viable products (MVPs) to potential users and seed funding. We specialize in helping founders take advantage of the new new digital, personalized, global economy by building websites, mobile applications, blockchain solutions, data automation algorithms, and machine learning models. Everyone is free to join through our website at WEquil.Startups.

Sincerely, WEquil Group LLC

Mission: We help people reach equilibrium...harmony between our unique strengths and the wants and needs of the world.

WEquil Group