Welcome to the WEquil.App Team!

Updated: Jan 28

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Welcome to the WEquil.App Team. We are glad to have you as part of the team. This document provides a summary of what you need to know to get started and grow your career at WEquil Group. If you have any questions please share them with the team on Slack.

1 Getting Started

1.1 About Me

All new members of WEquil Group create an “About Me” project as part of their application process. Once it is complete our leadership team will review it and give you access to our website for publication. Once published, share the link to your project on Slack in the “new-members” and “wequilapp” channels. This is how new members initially introduce themselves to WEquil Group and the WEquil.App team. For an example, see the “About Me” project by Vishal Daryanani, COO of WEquil Group. To see all the “About Me” projects go to www.WEquil.com/team.

Your “About Me” project is a lot more than just an introduction to WEquil Group and our team. It also serves as an opportunity to begin your journey at WEquil Group and follow the Path of Equilibrium. That path begins with understanding oneself. Writing is a big part of the Deep Learning process that we use across WEquil … because it allows you to structure your thinking and connect with others that share your Deep Interests. You are welcome and encouraged to update your “About Me’ project at any time. Use it to help others in the community get to know you. What you include is up to you. If you are not sure what to write consider our “Know Thyself” creative project at WEquil.School.

1.2 Digital Office Hours

All members of the WEquil.App provide “Digital Office Hours” over Zoom every Monday through Friday from 9am to 10am EST. During this time...members briefly provide updates on their progress. This is where we practice our principles such as Self-Directed Collaboration.

1.3 Meeting Livestreams

All members present their progress on the WEquil.App to the world every Monday and Thursday at 11am EST. We do this via YouTube Livestream. Members are expected to come prepared to showcase accomplishments and ask for feedback and suggestions from the team. These Livestreams are used to grow team member’s digital capital, awareness of WEquil.App and help new members get up to speed on what we are doing.

1.4 Demonstration

WEquil Group does not require resumes or formal degrees to receive career opportunities. Instead, we base our hiring and promotion decisions on demonstrations. This is analogous to the process we use for students at WEquil.School.

New applicants to the WEquil.App team enter a “Demonstration Period” where they demonstrate their ability to add value to the WEquil.App team. How long the period lasts is up to the applicant, but is often about two weeks. Work performed during this period is unpaid...just as job interviews are unpaid. We want to encourage applicants that have a Deep Interest in WEquil Group … so by making the “Demonstration Period” we hope to grow a team that is interested in learning, growing relationships, and creating a better community as much as growing themselves professionally.

Once the applicant believes they have demonstrated their ability they are free to complete a second “My Career” project.

1.5 My Career

This project is your job description. For an example, see the “My Career” project published by Rishi Daryanani, CSO of WEquil Group. To help ensure that we are working towards helping you achieve equilibrium, we have you type your own job description.

2 Principles

2.1 Self-Directed Collaboration

Self-Directed Collaboration means that all team members take individual initiative while also working toward a shared goal. We use this principles across all of WEquil Group. Here is an article by Sumay Lu, CEO of WEquil.School describing the principle in more detail.

Being self-directed means that one should never wait on anyone else to grow their career and contribute to the team. We take this to such an extreme that we even have all our members write their own career descriptions. This requires thinking independently...understanding the broader goals and objectives of the team, being engaged with WEquil Group so that you can help to set goals that align with our communities mission, and knowing how your unique strengths and interests can be used best in collaboration with the team.

Collaboration means working together. One the surface, it may appear to be a contradiction with self-direction … but the two are compliments. Nothing of great value today is created by a single individual working in isolation. We need all members are expected to socialize ideas, challenge each other, provide feedback, and learn about each others unique strengths and interests so we know how to work together most effectively. This requires both an entrepreneurial and leadership mindset, and the relationship skills to get buy-in and enhance the value of everyone else in our team.

2.2 Radical Transparency

Radical transparency allows teams with shared values to reach peak effectiveness in achieving shared goals. The approach requires that all communication be available to everyone else in the team, and everyone has the opportunity to share their interests, ideas, and express disagreement with others. Radical transparency does not require trust...it creates trust between those who grow confident enough to not only accept feedback...but seek it out.

Everyone must provide input, either positive or negative, on any topic being discussed. Lack of input means a lack of interests or unwillingness to bring your unique strengths to our team. At the same time...all communication should always show respect and appreciation for others. Expressing one’s opinion does not mean they know they are right...it means they have a perspective, and we want all team members to learn to share their thoughtful perspectives and insights like breathing.

2.3 Iterate and Improve

Demonstrate, Iterate, Improve ... This is how real value is created in the real world. All team members must demonstrate their ability to add value to our community before our Leadership team will accept a business relationship. How you do so will depend on you. Those that succeed will continually seek feedback, ask questions, socialize ideas and improve through a process of iteration.

3 Schedule

All members of the WEquil.App team meet every day at 10 am EST over Zoom. During this time we discuss progress and assist with our Flutter class.

We will also meet at 11 am on Mondays and Thursdays. In this meeting we will be showcasing the progress, so try to have all changes merged and deployed by then.

We highly encourage attendance to meetings. If you’re not able to attend a meeting, please inform the team at least 24 hours in advance. However, not being able to attend many meetings will make it harder for you to progress in your career with WEquil.

4 Development Workflow

The workflow that we use to develop new features is as follows:

  1. Come up with ideas and socialize them and add them to Trello as a card under your name.

  2. Add detail to Trello card listing all functions and features of what you want to work on

  3. Write what's essential and what you'll get done listing potential features that would better user experience

  4. Create a wireframe for the UI on what you want to work on, including all features and functionalities you will work on and socialize them with the team

  5. Have a time estimate of hours and set a deadline for yourself and include it in your Trello card and socialize the deadline with the team.

  6. Have something to show or say at the meeting about what you have been working on and what you plan to work on.

  7. Add a prepared presentation on what you’ll be sharing during the meeting and add it as a comment on the Trello card.