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Watch our Live Public Interviews

Dear Parents, Students and Developers!

You are invited to attend virtually (or in person) one of five meetups as we travel across India interviewing technologists for careers at WEquil.App. Our team is interviewing candidates between February 13th and March 1st of this year. Details on how to join are included in this promotional video.

Our hiring process reflects our new reality and philosophy of WEquil.School. All that really matters is what you can do. We want our students to see this as well so they know what kind of world they are preparing to enter...and how the process they are following translates into real world success.

As I write these words ... candidates are downloading WEquil.App and uploading "Projects" into their "Digital Resume" as part of their application process. These projects provide a lot more than grades on a transcript. They provide "proof of work" across a wide range of skills required to help us achieve our goals. Those interested in applying are invited to read about our career opportunities via the links below:

Sumay Lu, our founder and CEO, developed this process during the pandemic. In 2021, She dropped out of the 6th grade because she was learning a lot faster on her own doing real things like building her Flutter app. Her initial users were friends from school, but when schools opened up in the USA she opened her app to the public and started getting users from around the world...especially India.

Her users are mostly teenage students. They publish projects demonstrating competence instead of going to lectures to get grades. Students then present their projects each week to parents and peers instead of getting report cards. This helps them become powerful public speakers...adept at teaching and advocating for themselves. Now she is using her app and learning philosophy to grow her professional team.

Attendees can view her entire hiring process through WEquil.App. Just like her students, candidates must first upload "Projects" demonstrating competence in areas that relate to job requirements. These commonly include apps on their Github accounts, but may also include other artifacts like Flutter related YouTube videos they created. From this, Sumay makes a determination on whether they are qualified to go to present at a meetup. This process is analogous to what her teenage students do already, first publishing projects and then presenting them.

I think it is valuable for parents and students that have interest or are currently enrolled in one of our WEquil.School programs to watch one of these live public interviews. This will help them understand more fully the value of "Demo Day" and why publishing projects is far more useful than a piece of paper with grades.

Employers of the future won't care if you got straight As or a Bachelors in XYZ if you can't demonstrate competence. What employers really care about is if you can help them solve problems, communicate, follow directions and work well with others.

Sumay will also be presenting WEquil.App at each meetup along with her "learn by doing" model. Anyone in the world can attend...but only those in India can attend in person. You can find details on how to join our meetups from the video.

Thank you for your interest!



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