Ukraine Demo Day

WEquil Group is hosting a Ukraine Demo Day at 2pm EST today March 5, 2022. This is part of our community effort to support a #FreeUkraine. Members are welcome to come and celebrate the culture, history, economy, and beauty of our fellow Democracy.

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Our agenda starts with students at WEquil School who have sharing insights and projects on Ukraine. Most of these discussion have been private, but Co-Founder Aila has been helpful in pulling some of these insights together into her project on Ukraine's history and Economy. Adults at WEquil Capital have been learning about the economy and struggles caused by the war. Select projects are included in today's discussion to help viewers better understand the broader implications for inflation and the new world order.

We are also supporting any freedom fighters that wish to travel to Ukraine vis kickstarter campaigns through WEquil.Startups.

You can watch at the link below.


Part 1: WEquil.School ... 2:00 - 2:30pm EST

This part of the Demo Day will be family friendly. Here are the projects we will be sharing today.

1. Ukraine's History and Economy, by Aila WEquil

2. The Digital Hive Mind, by Sumay and Joe WEquil

Part 2: WEquil.Capital ... 2:30 - 3:00pm EST

Some of the projects we have created will be more for adult audiences. Here are some of the more powerful projects.

3. Free Ukraine ... an Interview with Eugene Yankovsky

4. Weekly Capital Weekly - Inflation vs Innovation, by WEquil.Capital's Braintrust

5. Russia Attacks Ukraine, by Joe WEquil

6. Neoaxis vs Allies, by Sumay and Joe WEquil

7. New World Order, by Junaid Ackroyd, Sumay and Joe WEquil

Members of WEquil Group are welcome to join through Re-stream. Check our open Discord Server for details.


Joe McPhail

Peaceful Warrior