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Think Like An Entrepreneur 🚀

By Joe Lu

You can't make money investing by sticking your head in the ground. You learn real quick to avoid confirmation bias. You learn to have a growth mindset. You learn to understand your circle of competence.

Same is true for much so that we call this learning to "Think like an entrepreneur".

I think that is one reason young people in our learning community end up making money from their "homework" ... they get really good at seeking feedback and actually end up craving alternative points of view.

Kids that do that...are the movers and shakers of the future no matter what they do...because they will know themselves so well they won't fear what they can become.

Kids like that are not afraid to admit mistakes, so they won't fear taking risks. Kids like that won't fear rejection, because to them it just helps them save time by avoiding the boring shallow people.

Girls that have that don't wear tiny skirts or obsess over their self image to get attention.

I don't need to worry about what my daughters eat, wear, or who they hang out with because I know who they are ... and so do they.


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