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Self-Fulfilling Fragility 😨

By Joe Lu

(Sumay and Aila at their Tae Kwon Do studio)

Back in 2022, Sumay went to a birthday party. It was with a former classmate from public school. Turned out her old friend didn’t want Sumay to go, but her mom politely and with the best of intentions invited Sumay anyway.

Sumay was ignored the whole time. Her old friend joked around with her school friends, playing with their phones and occasionally insulting her parents behind their backs. I got the same treatment when I came to pick her up.

“Happy Birthday!” I said 😄

No answer … she was busy with her friends playing with her phone and giggling uncontrollably.

Happy Birthday!” I said again…loud enough to be sure she heard me 😄📢

No answer. Not even a look of acknowledgement.

I was confused, so without thinking I just walked over to Sumay who had apparently spent much of the party talking to the parents. She seemed happy enough, but she gave me a look that let me know she had seen what happened 🙄

The once friend did the same thing on our way out...ignoring my "goodbye, hope you have a great day!"

No parent would let their kid act that way where I grew up...and it wasn't for lack of caring.

Parents are increasingly afraid for their children ... and the kids can feel it 😨

What message does that send to them?

We live in a country that has been increasingly treating kids like glass ready to shatter at the slightest touch...and that belief is only making it true.


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