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Rethinking Education Series

Hosted by WEquil Group ... a global learning community.

WEquil hosts a podcast series on Rethinking Education! The series was inspired by Sumay Lu, Founder and CEO of innovative project-based, self-directed learning platform led by children during the pandemic. We are teaming up with education innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world to discover how digitization, automation, and personalization are creating opportunities to improve how we education ourselves and our children. If you wish to contribute or receive notifications on upcoming podcasts then you are invited to join our free learning community by going to

Next Podcast

College Admissions for Homeschoolers ... November 18, 2021 at 5pm EST. Click the picture to watch live on YouTube.

Prior Podcasts

Episodes 1-3 ... The school led by the picture to watch live on YouTube.

Episodes 4 ... Building the Future of the picture to watch live on YouTube.

Episodes 5 ... Youth the picture to watch live on YouTube.

Join and participate

Our goal is to learn from curious minds in the space that are deeply interested in understanding how we can do better for ourselves and our children in a new world where so much knowledge is free and more and more careers are driven by human qualities like creativity and innovation as opposed to routine and standardization.

If you have interest in being part of this series...we want to hear from you.


Mr. Joe WEquil

CEO of WEquil Group