Path to Equilibrium

Updated: Jan 8

Mission and Principles

WEquil Group is a decentralized community of shared principles seeking Equilibrium … a harmony between our unique strengths and the wants and needs of the world.

Our path to Equilibrium is guided by first principles that govern success in our digital, creative, personalized and global economy. Many great minds influenced our path including Ray Dalio, Paul Graham, Naval Ravakant, Jordan Peterson and others … each with an independent perspective but each with a shared humble confidence. Humble enough to seek truth and understanding. Confident enough to build and accept their own of dependence on precedents and tribal to discover their unique purpose and use it in service to others. We are all different … and true success in our new reality requires deep acceptance and understanding of our differences … and we find success by leveraging that which makes us unique to create unique value.

The meaning of life is unknowable … but there are first principles that govern success. We define success as freedom. To be free to live our lives how we see fit. To seek meaning and purpose. To cultivate our interests and passions with the gift of time. Freedom comes from independence and influence. Independence from fear … fear of failure … fear of death...losing our possessions and sense of self worth. To have influence we need capital...both human and financial. We need knowledge to create, relationships to grow, money to invest, and a network to help us grow our seeds of ideas into trees that bear fruit for ourselves and others.

Pillars of Value Creation

Success, so defined, is therefore measurable and can be understood as the sum of human, financial, and social capital. These are the three pillars upon which all value is created. That is why WEquil Group provides a community and services for members to learn, grow, and create...human, financial, and social capital.

Human Capital includes our knowledge, relationships, and understanding of our world. Financial Capital includes our wealth including our money and assets. Digital Capital is our ability to affect change through the internet that now connects most of humanity and governs the creation of data, directs attention, and increasingly regulates cooperation and the creation of value. All three forms of capital are distinct, but work in concert to achieve success in our new digital, personalized, global economy.

The pandemic expedited a change in our global economy that was already accelerating. A century ago the cost of knowledge was high, and its value low in a world of scarce labor. The cost of creativity was high, and its value low in a market driven by economies of scale. Both prevented success by personalization to the unique wants and needs of humanity that have always existed, but remained out of reach...until the internet and the 2nd Cognitive Revolution.

Our New Economy

The First Cognitive Revolution was the uniquely human ability to imagine. Over 50,000 years ago we created fictions and customs that enabled us to grow civilization beyond collaboration through relationships. This 2nd Cognitive Revolution is enabled by the ability to scale our imaginations through software and create personalized products and services that uniquely meet the wants and needs of others. In less than two decades … knowledge became free, scale increasingly irrelevant. As a result, value is increasingly generated by those who can leverage their unique strengths to provide personalized solutions across the globe.

Equilibrium is an acknowledgement that the world has changed. To survive and thrive we need to accept and embrace what makes us uniquely powerful...continuously learn how value is created in our world...and leverage our capital in service to those who most value our specific knowledge. Those who do this follow the quickest path to freedom.

Path to Equilibrium

Our Path to Equilibrium includes three pillars that specialize in each source of capital necessary for the creation of value. WEquil.School specializes in human capital, including knowledge of oneself and knowledge of the world. WEquil.Capital specialized in the creation of financial capital, through a decentralized community of investors, collaborative hedge fund and financial services company. WEquil Startups is a startup incubator that specializes in creating new businesses that leverage the unique strengths and interests of founders to building human, financial, and digital capital.

Pillar #1 - WEquil.School

Our path to freedom begins at WEquil.School ... where members learn about themselves and the world. We provide a full service K-12 and higher education platform based on the principles of learning by doing. We have classes by no official teachers. We demonstrate success without any grades. We learn everything with no required curriculum. Everything is project based meaning that all learning is a process of creation. Everyone is self-directed and free to build their unique strengths and interests while building a network through organic collaboration. Our freedom based process works...because our members desire to know themselves, take responsibility for their success, and become a uniquely powerful force for good.

We empower members of all ages to create whatever they want so long as it adds value to others. Member children create businesses, publish research, build mobile applications, and compose music. Our kids teach classes on everything from coding games and machine learning models to performing theater and comedy. Parents are coaches and mentors ... collaborating with their children and others to learn what gives them the most inspiration ... driving an unmatched pace of learning and retention. Professionals collaborate as well joining public demonstrations and teaming with young people to engage in shared deep interests. Graduation is a test ... structured much like a Doctoral Defense ... in which students defend their assertion that they are ready to enter the real world.

Pillar #2 - WEquil.Capital

WEquil.Capital is how our members grow financial capital. Ultimately, successful investing requires a deep understanding of how value is created in our world. Nearly everything of significance to humanity has implications for our global economy and financial markets. There is no better teacher than investing one's own money in assets with the goal of growing financial capital. To succeed one must cultivate curiosity about most everything...from psychology to industry...history and and politics...everything that weighs on the process of value creation. Mr. Market is a teacher...available to those who can build emotional control, and understand their circle of competence, the nature of money, technological innovation, and the role of government.

Our decentralized investing community could be thought of WEquil University. You will learn more here about value creation than any one University can teach you. Members are free to invest in our fund, contribute and earn income from their research, collaborate with each other through our platform, socialize ideas and grow digital capital by joining our podcast, and receive financial advice for those in geographic regions where we are registered financial advisors. Our true members exercise the same principles of WEquil.School ... like curiosity and self-directed collaboration ... but we go further by leveraging wisdom from the greatest minds in the world of finance ... striving to reach the radical transparency of Ray Dalio, mental flexibility of Stanley Druckenmiller, and acceptance of change and interconnection like Cathie Wood. We cannot promise great returns ... but we can promise honesty, transparency, and an efficient and unbiased process that builds knowledge and creates wisdom.

Pillar #3 - WEquil Startups

WEquil Startups is how our members leverage their capital to create their own business tailored to their unique strengths, interests, and passions. As the economy continues to personalize the winners will ultimately be those that are able to leverage the eclipse of the best they have to offer to alleviate suffering and bring joy to others. We specialize in helping those with a relentless desire to pursue a passion, but may not have the technical skills or business experience to turn their passions into viable business opportunities. We help by helping them build websites, define minimum viable products and services (MVPs), develop mobile applications, fund marketing strategies, identify core users, and iterate and improve their way to success.

Our startup incubator already has MVPs that our partners developed from their professional experience, unmet needs of WEquil.School, or new opportunities discovered through investing through WEquil.Capital. Entrepreneurs applying to WEquil Startups often don't require giving away any equity ... and likewise often don't require seed funding. What they need are "Call Options" on their visions. We help them construct "Call Options", giving them the right but not the obligation to buy into their visions should they begin to find success. And when they do find success...WEquil Startups will be there to help them with the seed funding, consultation, and scaling tools like Flutter app development and machine learning expertise to turn that vision into reality.


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