Our Selfish Misery

Tears come easily

But can be blinding

Our selfish misery

Blind to real catastrophe

Blind to hardship that holds captive many innocent hearts

Behind our curtain lives true pain and sadness

But our curtain made from torment 

Can only become so clear

Blind to the outside catastrophe

And blind to the haze of misery around everyone

But as everyone lives behind the curtains of disaster

And their minds get consumed by the torment

True peril is left to wither, eat itself apart

And the depths of sorrow can not be cured

The curse of suffering is laid upon us all

None of us can completely break through it

But it walls us away from reality

Can we not see all the poor children?

Can we not see them living in a disaster?

But most of all

Can we not see much greater a hardship

They have endured

So much pain

Shame on us that we can not see past our walls

Shame on us that we have overlooked all the sorrowful souls

Waiting for miracles to happen

Knowing they never will

Hating on the blindness that has deceived us

When will we escape

The cage of our own tears

When will humanity break free

Of our selfish misery

By Sumay McPhail