Lightstreet App ... Investing for Kids

Would you like your kids to learn more about Personal Finance and Investing?

WEquil.School is partnering with Aroon Isaac to build a solution using a Flutter App! To help point us in the right direction we are asking YOU for what you think would be best for YOUR kids.

Here is Aroon talking about his vision during our WEquil.App team meeting...

Aroon has three questions for all you parents our there with interest. You can share your answers on our Facebook groups, by tagging us on Twitter, or by sharing on our Slack Groups.

1. What topics relating to personal finances / investing to you believe all kids should know before they graduate from High School?

2. What creative ways have you used to try and teach investing topics to very young kids such stocks, diversification, compound interest?

3. What would be the ideal Personal Finance + Investing app for your kids?

Thank you for helping us help your kids :)


Aroon Isaac and Mr WEquil

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