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Kids Lives Matter ✊

By Joe Lu ...

We have a chance now ... to help our kids become the confident and curious adults we wish we had running the country.

If we want that then the path is clear.

Be honest with them. Let us show them through our actions and words that we trust them and believe they are responsible adults. When they stumble be willing to have the tough conversation, but then give them freedom to fail again.

Don't hide them from them how to use it and let them help set the ground rules. Hiding things from them tells them we don't believe they can be responsible. Asking them for help in setting the ground rules tells them their opinion matters.

Don't hide them from our own insecurities and them it is ok to be silly 🤪 to cry, to not know, and to admit mistakes.

Our kids will respect us if we respect them. Fear only works until they are teens. After that, fear becomes a double-edged sword that they can and will wield back at us.

Set a good example. Don't obsessively play with phones when talking to other people...or your kids will do the same, and not trust you when it comes to making decisions about technology like ChatGPT.

#KidsLivesMatter ... Respect the work kids do. This is just as true for kids in public school, who work more than full time job.

Do you want to talk about work after work?


Neither do stop it with the, "How was school today?" and wonder why they are not excitedly telling you about how much they love science.

That's a ridiculous expectation.

Let them play.

Let them free.

Let them speak.

Let them be children.


Dear Reader,

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