Innovators Symposium

Updated: Jan 23

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WEquil Startups is hosting a monthly Innovators Symposium starting this Friday at 10:30am EST. Entrepreneurs, developers and angel investors are welcome to attend. Founders are encouraged to present their value propositions. Everyone is welcome to discuss their initiatives and how they are positioned to create value. Those who with to present are required to submit their application by email to Those who wish to attend can sign up through this reoccurring Facebook Event.

You can join through this zoom link:


Introduction to WEquil Startups

WEquil Startups is a global learning community focused on supporting mostly tech enabled startups and applications. We support founders by providing seed capital, support building web and blockchain applications, identifying core users, structuring business models, exploring platform technologies to support growing users and cross pollination of ideas and support from entrepreneurs, developers and angel investors.

Members of our community are welcome to use a variety of services and opportunities that we support including this monthly symposium, rapid prototyping, coding classes such as web development, Youth Entrepreneurship events, Demo Day presentations to our broader learning community, participation in podcasts such as our Innovators Series,

We provide examples of these services below...

  1. Youth Entrepreneurship

  2. Rapid Prototyping

  3. Coding Classes

  4. Demo Day Presentations

  5. Innovators Series

1. Youth Entrepreneurship

WEquil Startups has partnered with Frazier O'Leary who has been an advocate for YouTh Entrepreneurship for two decades. We are actively working with him to create more opportunities for young founders to scale their imaginations

2. Rapid Prototyping

WEquil Startups provides support for some members to create minimum viable products (MVPs) to showcase with our members and quickly get a read on the effectiveness of a value proposition. One example would be the creation of the WEquilCraft server which is a Minecraft server modified to help children learn to program in a virtual environment using their favorite game. Members who participate in this program are typically developing an MVP that adds value to our community, are paying for our development services, or are partnered with someone in our leadership team.

3. Coding Classes

WEquil Group provides a growing number of coding classes, many of which are proving helpful to our founders. Currently these are focused primarily on Google related software tools such as Flutter and Firebase. We also support Python and Java courses and help build web and mobile applications for applying businesses. These classes and related certifications are available for free to members. We may also provide career opportunities for members with relevant certifications to support services lines in WEquil Startups such as the Flutter application demonstrated in the video below.

4. Demo Day Presentations

Demo Day presentations to our broader learning community to help connect founders solutions with member that appreciate their value propositions. WEquil.School hosts guest speakers with expertise in our "Theme of the Week". These themes often have technology related applications related to entrepreneurship given the focus on innovation at our school. Entrepreneurs and angel investors who have interest in sharing their experiences with our students are featured on our Demo Days in our YouTube channel along with links to their personal websites and services. To learn more about WEquil.School and the various themes you can watch out trailer below and check out our website.

5. Innovator Series

We host innovators from a wide range of backgrounds on our "Innovators Series". The complete list as of this writing is provided below. Members who with to take part in this series are welcome to reach out to our leadership team to learn more at

#1 Brends Loya, CEO of Tellor Coin

Brenda is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tellor, a cryptoasset that trades on Coinbase. Tellor provides a decentralized data provider built on Ethereum that helps power smart contract applications. Branda launched Tellor

Learn more about Tellor at

Learn more about Brenda at

#2 Brandon Bergman

#3 Mboya Michael

#4 Nisha Talagala

#5 Jessica Brauser

#6 Rishi Daryanani

#7 Wendy Willard

#8 BadRonin

#9 Ainsley McDougal

#10 Vishal Daryanani

#11 Bolarinwa Odupe

#12 Evelyn Educates

#13 Brandon Bal

#14 Tawnya Perry

#15 Tom Michael Mboya

#16 Justin Shell

#17 You?


Thank you for your interest in WEquil Startups and our monthly Innovators Symposium. Our leadership team is actively engaging with entrepreneurs and angel investors around the world. If you have interest in this symposium or other opportunities we are providing members you can learn more and join through our website.


Joe McPhail, CEO of WEquil Group

Sumay Lu, CEO of WEquil.Startups and WEquil.School