How to Prepare Kids for Real Life

Good Morning Everyone!

My name is Joe McPhail, but the kids at my daughter Sumay's WEquil.School call me Mr WEquil. During the pandemic, Sumay created this free learning community designed and led by kids. There are no grades, no curriculum, or formal teachers. Left to their own initiative ... my daughters and their friends developed a philosophy called "Deep Learning" ... in reference to the machine learning models that mimic our neural networks. Deep Learning is essentially learning by doing in an iterative feedback loop with supportive community.

Over time our Deep Learning community grew to include adults and kids. Now WEquil Group also includes families in 20 different countries and working professionals across multiple subjects who engage with students to create collaborative projects. Everyone is encouraged to follow their interests and passions. We have had students younger than ten creating products with tools like 3D Printers, apps with Google software like Flutter, teaching their own classes, and speaking publicly about their projects and achievements. Students keep coming to our "school" every day because they love learning while doing real things to prepare for the real world.

Austin, Michael, Jessica, and Sumay are leading a higher education initiative to create certifications, degrees and a diploma for WEquil.School. Our approach is very different from most school's because everything we do is based on demonstration of competence by applying knowledge to create value. We believe we can use this to create a more efficient credential ... one that gives employers especially a more accurate and verifiable method for assessing competence.

WEquil Group went from 1 employee six months ago to about 20 today. Every hire was based on a cover letter followed by a Zoom call. No resume or reference was required. All developers needed to do was demonstrate they had the desire and ability to add value. Kids at WEquil.School are learning the same thing ... how to create and demonstrate value.

Parents and education leaders are welcome to join this upcoming series on the Future of Higher Ed ... and How to Prepare Kids for Real Life. We spent a lot of time trying to understand the meaning of Preparedness and the forces shaping the Future of Higher Ed. We want to have a conversation with you on how to prepare children for a rapidly changing and uncertain future. If you share our passion for this subject then please reach out to us.


Joe McPhail and Austin Smith