Help for Ukraine

WEquil Group hosted a "Help for Ukraine" event on March 6, 2022 with Eugene Yankovsky ... an immigrant from Ukraine with family trying to escape the war. He is a long time friend of Joe McPhail, CEO of WEquil Group. I strongly recommend others to listen to his words on what is happening right now in Ukraine and how you can help.

Eugene joined us last week on Clubhouse for our episode titled, Free Ukraine, during which he demonstrated his deep knowledge about the historical events that led up to the Russian invasion. He explained how Putin uses his control over commodities like natural gas to enrich himself, manipulate foreign leaders, and maintain control over the Russian population.

One of the key points that Eugene wants to make is that the West's hope for the Russian citizens' revolt are "baseless wishful thinking". The respected Levada Center is tracking Putin's approval ratings.

The most recent read is 71 percent approval in February. Time will tell how the Russian people will react to the invasion.

Eugene advises people in Ukraine, including his family, to try and get out now while it is still possible. No one knows what the future will bring, but the risks are mounting for an escalation.

How to help?

Eugene also provided links and insights for how listeners can help: How to send money to Ukraine? 1. You can send directly to people you trust in Ukraine in need of assistance. One option for doing that is "Paysend". 2. You can also donate to the National Bank of Ukraine. This links to a special account to support the army.

Eugene also shared these links blow to additional places accepting financial assistance to help Ukraine. 3. Save Life 4. UN Refugee Agency. 5. International Red Cross 6. Ukrainian IT Army Eugene also provided another means of assisting Ukraine for those with combat experience. How to become a Freedom Fighter? Information for foreign volunteers to sign the contracts with Ukrainian government and fight on the ground can go to this website... Or call these numbers... +380443395987 +380800507028 For more information you can go to this website... Eugene writes, "To start with, one should approach a Ukrainian embassy or consulate in their country. It can be done by phone, email or in person. The website provides a complete list of Ukrainian diplomatic missions around the world that recruits can approach. The Ukrainian diplomatic mission will provide a potential recruit with the necessary information on the equipment they should have. Next, a recruit will undergo an interview with a Ukrainian military attaché and receive a special visa. The service with the International Legion is fully official and legal. With all visa arrangements completed, a recruit also needs to submit an application for voluntary contracted service with Ukrainian armed forces, following instructions from the Ukrainian defense attaché. “It is recommended that legionnaires obtain combat gear, such as fatigues… or equipment, or a helmet, armored vests, and so on,” the Presidential Office said on March 5. “If necessary, embassy and consular service members will render assistance in terms of transportation.”

How WEquil can Help?

WEquil is doing what we can to support Ukraine because we believe in Freedom, Kindness and Democracy. Yesterday at 2pm EST we help a Ukraine Demo Day. This is part of our community effort to support a #FreeUkraine. Members created projects to celebrate celebrate the culture, history, economy, and beauty of our fellow Democracy.

Our agenda started with students at WEquil School who have sharing insights and projects on Ukraine. Most of these discussion have been private, but Co-Founder Aila has been helpful in pulling some of these insights together into her project on Ukraine's history and Economy. Adults at WEquil Capital have been learning about the economy and struggles caused by the war. Select projects are included in today's discussion to help viewers better understand the broader implications for inflation and the new world order.

We are also supporting any freedom fighters that wish to travel to Ukraine vis kickstarter campaigns through WEquil.Startups.

Project links from the presentation are listed in the Agenda below.

Ukraine Demo Day Agenda

Part 1: WEquil.School ... 2:00 - 2:30pm EST

This part of the Demo Day will be family friendly. Here are the projects we will be sharing today.

1. Ukraine's History and Economy, by Aila WEquil

2. The Digital Hive Mind, by Sumay and Joe WEquil

Part 2: WEquil.Capital ... 2:30 - 3:00pm EST

Some of the projects we have created will be more for adult audiences. Here are some of the more powerful projects.

3. Free Ukraine ... an Interview with Eugene Yankovsky

4. Weekly Capital Weekly - Inflation vs Innovation, by WEquil.Capital's Braintrust

5. Russia Attacks Ukraine, by Joe WEquil

6. Neoaxis vs Allies, by Sumay and Joe WEquil

7. New World Order, by Junaid Ackroyd, Sumay and Joe WEquil


Members of WEquil Group are invited to join us on Clubhouse at 5pm EST. If you have ideas for other ways we can help please share on our Discord Server.


Joe McPhail

Peaceful Warrior