Google Developer

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

WEquil Group is hiring Google Developers. We primarily build Flutter based web applications connected to Firebase. Flutter is a flexible objected oriented language that can build WebApps and Android + iPhone applications for their app stores. We are interested in hiring experienced applicants and those with no experience but interest in learning to code and build. We teach Flutter at WEquil.School and regularly teach members who move up to joining our professional teams.

We have three teams at WEquil for each of our three learning communities.

  1. WEquil.School is hiring developers to build out WEquil.App which is an automated version of our website www.WEquil.School. We are also hiring those with interest to teach Google related programming skills to our members.

  2. WEquil.Capital is hiring developers to build WEquil.App services relating to our business lines which include onboarding applications for those requesting our financial services and those producing investing and risk management tools.

  3. WEquil.Startups is hiring developers to help our clients create WebApps, Mobile Apps, Google Cloud solutions, Machine Learning applications, and automation tools for their startups and small businesses.

Those with interest can apply by reaching out to our leadership teams on twitter or Slack. To join our WEquil Slack Group submit your name and email through


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