Gavins Letter to Minecraft

Hello! We are making a app called Makeshift Homeschool and in that app we have something called boot camp. in boot camp you have ten different things you can do, and one of those things is that you right a letter to your favorite video game company about things you can change, or add about the game. Here is a example of the letter written by Gavin.

Dear Microsoft, and Mojang,

The game Minecraft you have developed is inspiring kids to be creative and to have fun. Schools are used to learn and even parents are impressed. This all has to do with the mode creative though. Everyone who plays Minecraft for fun and skill goes into survival. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's not perfect. I think you might consider adding these items into the game to improve it. I know this letter may have thousands more copies of it but I would like you to consider it. This coming from a kid who is still in 4th grade may seem like a joke but I have some ideas that my friends and I would like to introduce into the game.

  1. I know this is on the suggestion page but backpacks are a really good idea. Like where do players keep all the stuff they have in their inventory? I am not sure it is in their pockets ‘cause holding a dragon egg in an invisible pocket doesn't seem like something you would find in daily life. This idea could be like something players could get. There are mods of this and the piston I believe was a mod and now it's in the game. There could be different versions. Such as one for weapons and armor and others for things such as items like torches. It would make having things in your inventory much more realistic. So please consider this idea. But I know there is a hunger bar so players could lose speed or hunger if they use a backpack but could carry more things.

  2. Ok, so I know those mods where you can morph into animals. There is no real point to this but how cool would it be if you drink a potion and turn into an animal for a certain amount of time. Then you would be able to walk around other animals and use their abilities. Like morphing into a creeper or a horse so your friend can ride you. Like this would have no purpose but would be interesting and fun to use.

  3. Now this may seem cruel but we are in the modern days. The way Minecraft works makes it seem like we are in the dark ages. I suggest that we maybe make some guns. Like funny guns such as sheep guns that shoot sheep. Or maybe real guns that kill you and other people. Like the only weapons closest to a gun is a bow. And guess what, you cant even aim with a bow so we could make a sniper or something. This may seem like an idea you would put off but those serious gamers like Pewtipie i don't know if i spelled his name right but people like him want some more action. How many videos have I seen that say like “I made a robot that can kill you with a gun”. But in reality it's a dispenser shooting a fire charge. Don't you realize people playing Minecraft want guns? Like Unspeakable, a gamer on youtube who plays Minecraft, did a video with fighter jets with bombs and Slogo, Crainer, and Jelly did a video about robots with guns in Minecraft. Like don't you see, this would not be a great update but an awesome one. ( I still like the sheep gun idea ).

  4. Ok, my final suggestion. This is something you should add. It's a small idea but I think it will benefit. We should have plates that you can put food on. Like I remember when I started playing Minecraft and I was in creative mode. I saw an item that was an apple so I was like “Wow an apple I’m going to place it on a table.” So I tried clicking a wood log I placed with my apple in hand. But with disappointing results of not being able to. So I thought, “Let me search how to do it.” When I got my results and learned I couldn't, I was lowering my expectations of the game at once. Like if you could place food on a plate you could throw parties with feasts, not players going to a chest and taking the food. And being able to place food would improve farming like you could put some seeds in a bowl and chickens would stay off your crops.

Well I hope you thought my ideas were worth an update or an improvement because I spent 2 weeks on this and I hope you like it. Please email back to me if you will do something or tell me if this is childish which i will understand because there is like a next to nothing chance someone will even look at this. Please tell me feedback.

- Gavin ( a devoted Minecraft player with ideas)

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I hope you enjoyed reading about Gavins suggestions on what to add to Minecraft! He is the first one to test out the new boot camp for our app! The app will be out on the 26th this month for anyone who would like to test use our app and write their own posts! See you there!