EdTech Entrepreneurs

WEquil Group is actively looking to hire or partner with education technology entrepreneurs to lead key initiatives for WEquil.School and WEquil.App. Applicants will be evaluated based on their ability to demonstrate competence and passion for any of the roles listed below. Compensation will be based on the unique qualifications of the applicant and can be a mix of equity and salary. For questions please email WEquilGroup@gmail.com.

Career opportunities for EdTech Entrepreneurs include but are not limited to...

  1. WEquil Charter School

  2. WEquil.App Developers

  3. Virtual Classroom Sponsors

WEquil Charter School

WEquil is looking for an experienced teacher with a passion for innovation to help create the first WEquil Charter School. This school would provide a combination of project based learning through WEquil.App and virtual learning provided by Stride. Stride provides many schools with a basic public school curriculum that can be completed virtually. This offering makes for a valuable compliment with WEquil.Schools less structured project based approach.

Ideal candidates will have experience managing a school, creating a charter school, and be able to demonstrate a passion for making this project a success. We are accepting applications from those interested in leading this initiative or in a supporting role.

WEquil.App Developers

WEquil is looking for an experienced virtual teacher that also knows how to program...ideally with Google's app development software Flutter. WEquil.App has a growing list of virtual classrooms. We are hoping to having more experienced teachers come and use our classrooms while also helping to build upon them.

Ideal candidates will have experience teaching and programming in Flutter. We teach Flutter so that is not a requirement. The most important qualification is a desire to learn and help us create better virtual classrooms.

Virtual Classroom Sponsors

WEquil is looking for EdTech Entrepreneurs and passionate teachers to sponsor virtual classrooms! Any educational service is eligible to be considered. For example, we partnered with a tutoring service who is helping us create a virtual classroom on basic reading and writing in exchange they are free to share the name of their tutoring service in the classroom. We are also partnering with teachers that want to create a customized classroom to their particular strengths and interests. Our teachers are free to set their own rates and work hours that suit them.


Questions regarding these career opportunities can be directed to our leadership team at WEquilGroup@gmail.com


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