Deep Learning in Action

My aim with this project is to utilize the deep learning process in order to learn how to grow my digital capital, as well as how to encourage others to build theirs. This minimum viable project is the first publication that I am uploading to my personal blog (instructions to do so can be found here.) Having a piece of content will allow me to share my ideas with the community and socialize them so that we can best learn how to achieve this goal of building digital capital. This simple two paragraph article also serves as an invitation to our community leaders to attend a group discussion that we will host within the next two weeks on how to best leverage this platform to develop digital capital.

My motivation for starting this project is to show myself and others how easy it is to begin developing my personal blog. I want to tap into the group’s psychology and ignite a “mental spark” within our growing community of leaders. When we start by doing, and taking a leap of faith we show the people around us that they can do the same exact thing. There are so many people in our community that have ideas of projects and initiatives, yet are not aware of this tool that we have available to materialize our thoughts and start building digital capital. Posting this blog entry and sharing with our leadership channel is the most effective way to gather everyone to engage in this Deep Learning Process. That is why I titled this article as “Deep Learning in Action.” I invite everyone to comment and provide feedback in this post so that we may socialize it and I learn how to achieve my goal most effectively of building my own digital capital and encouraging others to do so as well.