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Dear Innovators

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

By Joe McPhail

To everyone building the future ...

New Years Resolution ... make more friends globally that are passion driven and creating something uniquely tailored to their particular strengths and interests. These innovators are building the personalized future ... and I want to learn from you.

Startups are exploding around the world...driven by software and blockchain technologies. Digitization has driven down the cost of personalized products and services to a point where they can now compete with those built on economies of scale. Technology, not culture, is driving this change. Platforms like YouTube, marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon, organization structures like DAOs, have dramatically reduced the cost of trust and collaboration globally.

Manufacturing technologies like 3D Printing, transportations technologies like drones, and automation technologies like cloud and machine learning ... are all making it easier for individuals to win by solving niche problems for just a few thousand people anywhere in the world.

The "Great Resignation" is part of this wave of individuals realizing after deep reflection during the pandemic that they don't want to live their whole lives renting out their time. They want to be ahead of the curve, building passive income around unique value propositions that they are building because for them ... working on their passion is like breathing.

Innovators in our post pandemic world know that anything routine is being automated away, and their best chance at success is to leverage that which makes them irreplaceable. That is why we are teaching kids to become innovators. Every "project" they do at school is just practice for a future in an increasingly percent of the greatest careers will involve creative problem solving that adds real value to real people.

WEquil.Startups is our startup incubator solution designed especially to help often non-technical entrepreneurs create businesses tailored to their unique strengths, interests and passions.

If that sounds like it might be you then I would love to meet you!

Sincerely, Joe McPhail, CEO of WEquil Group

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