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Dear Flutter Developers ... We Are Hiring!

This article contains details on how to apply for our career opportunities. Anyone can apply, but we are touring India in February, so if you live in India please also read our "WEquil India Meetups" article. You can also find updates on the WEquil Careers Room and on Twitter @SumayLu @JoeWEquil.

Dear Flutter Community!

We are hiring Flutter developers this year...starting with a trip to India next month. For those with interest, please watch this video below. Our hiring process is unique ... we do not have detailed job descriptions. Instead we have Goals and we ask those interested in joining our team to demonstrate their ability to help us achieve one of these Goals.

Those with interest are invited to join our "Careers Room" on WEquil.App (available on mobile and the web) to learn more about our Goals. To apply, read this article in full and publish an "Application Project" in this Room for our team to review.

Throughout 2023 we will be hosting a series of virtual and in-person meetups for candidates to pitch their "Application Project". This is a unique hiring process that aligns closely with our WEquil School philosophy upon which WEquil.App is built. No grades, degrees or work experience is required. All you need to do is demonstrate competence and the ability to help us achieve one of our goals.

At these meetups our CEO, Sumay Lu, will present WEquil.App, our Flutter App. Our platform is revolutionizing education by helping our users prepare for the real world by doing real things like start businesses, build products, write books, teach classes, publish research, and create other projects of real world value.

The rest of this document is structured as follows...

  1. What is WEquil.App?

  2. Our Principles

  3. Application Process

  4. Career Opportunities

  5. Our Goals

1. What is WEquil.App?

Sumay Lu, is our CEO. She is 13 years old and leads a professional team of developers scaling an affordable, virtual private school called WEquil School. She created WEquil.School during the pandemic with her younger sister Aila and local friends. The process they created looks radically different from traditional schools where everything students create is thrown away.

Sumay dropped out of the public education system a year into the pandemic when she was 11 years old. She was in the advanced placement class in one of the best public schools in the USA. She left because it became obvious by then that kids learn best by doing real things to prepare for the real world.

Sumay was teaching other kids how to build Flutter Apps during 2021. Her Flutter Basics video got the attention of Tim Sneath, head of Flutter at Google, who provided his public support on Twitter. Shortly after the Flutteristas invited her to become their youngest member. Shortly after Sumay was interviewed by Pawan Kumar on his YouTube channel focused on Flutter development.

By the end of 2022, both Sumay and Aila were already making serious money and getting professional job offers because of the quality of projects and public presentations in their WEquil.School "Digital Resumes". Grades became irrelevant as their communication skills and competence in a wide range of technical fields became verifiable on demand to other working professionals such as programming, technical writing, creative writing ... research into STEM fields like genomics, 3D Printing, psychology and and statistics.

Now WEquil.App has over 200 unique accounts and 400 published projects showcasing on demand the value our students of all ages create. Unlike public school...everything her students create has real value...demonstrating competence on demand. Users can now make money leveraging their strengths and interests using features on WEquil.App like our "Rooms" that let students sell products, teach classes, host meetups, organize clubs and create other social + educational opportunities.

Unlike traditional schools...our way of learning is consistent with how real value is created in the real world ... where:

  1. Projects are improved over time, not thrown away.

  2. Collaborating with others is smart, not cheating.

  3. You are allowed to use the internet to learn and answer questions.

  4. Tools like ChatGPT are not censored.

  5. People of different ages and abilities work together.

  6. Value is determined by the free market not just one person.

  7. Great students are allowed to teach.

  8. Learning is relevant to your life.

  9. Knowledge is used to create something valuable.

  10. The shortest path to success to personalized to your unique needs, strengths, interests, and passions.

We are hiring developers and data scientists to help her add new features like an enhanced profile detailing the "Digital Resumes" of our users and machine learning models to help recommend projects to students.

Details on how to apply are included in the sections!

2. Our Principles

WEquil Group was founded on "First Principle Thinking" ... a concept that drives everything we do. Please watch this video if you would like to work for WEquil Group, and share your thoughts in your application.

All members of WEquil Group agree to follow these three Universal Principles (UP). These principles form the base of our "Code of Conduct" and community culture.

All of our students and employees agree to strive for three additional principles:

4. Radical Transparency

5. Self-Directed Collaboration

6. Demonstrate, Iterate, Improve

Radical transparency allows teams with shared values to reach peak effectiveness in achieving shared goals. The approach requires that all communication be available to everyone else in the team, and everyone has the opportunity to share their interests, ideas, and express disagreement with others. Radical transparency does not require creates trust between those who grow confident to receive feedback.

Self-Directed Collaboration requires that all team members take initiative in identifying the ways they can help and collaborate with others to determine their next steps. This requires both an entrepreneurial and leadership mindset, and the relationship skills to get buy-in and enhance the value of everyone else in our team. Demonstrate, Iterate, Improve ... This is how real value is created in the real world. All team members must demonstrate their ability to add value to our community before our Leadership team will accept a business relationship. How you do so will depend on you. Those that succeed will continually seek feedback, ask questions, socialize ideas and improve through a process of iteration.

Both of these principles for the basis of "Project Based Learning" which is a core philosophy we employ at WEquil.School. To create a Project of real need to know how to drive yourself and work with others. You must then present your work to others so that you may learn from them how to best iterate and improve. To better understand how these concepts relate to your application, watch these videos and include your reflections.

Our Principles support our Mission ...

We may hire you or accept you into our school ... but,

  • No manager can tell you how to add the most value given your unique strengths.

  • No teacher can tell you your unique circle of competence.

  • No leader can tell you how best to succeed within your team.

  • No mentor can tell you how best to grow yourself to become irreplaceable.

We want to empower all our community members...including team find freedom. We believe our approach provides the maximum possible freedom to our team members so they can customize their careers at WEquil Group to reflect and grow their Specific Knowledge. This is how we help you become irreplaceable.

3. Application Process

Follow these steps to apply ...

Step 1 - Watch our "WEquil Careers" video with a message from our CEO.

Step 2 - Download WEquil.App and join our WEquil India and Career Rooms.

Step 3 - Introduce yourself to the WEquil India Room with an Ab