Cosmology For Kids 2

Updated: Aug 27

Hello everybody! We're back with more on cosmology! But today, we will be focusing only on Human Evolution! Even though we are such a small part of history, we still are important. We wrote the most about human evolution, even though the video length is still the same length. I guess us humans really are self-centered! I hope you find this as fascinating as I did!

Human Evolution

We are one of the most complex things in the universe as humans. And although humans seem to have such a small role in the play called “Big History.” The complexity of human structures and how we have gotten so far today is something not to be skipped.

And although we probably think we’re so great because we are humans, we’re still gonna talk about us ‘cause it makes us feel good.

We are humans, so we care more about humans because they are us, and we are selfish. Because we have such complex brain structures it makes up for our tiny and fragile bodies.

And although we are selfish talking about ourselves, if a leopard were to be doing big history, they would probably mention humans, because we kind of maybe dominated the entire planet (just a thought.) Whereas we are not mentioning leopards at all. In your face leopards, feel the jealousy.

As the different continents moved around… more species started to come about with different adaptations according to their habitat. And then eventually monkeys came about which did not evolve into humans.

Instead a different branch of species come from the chimpanzees (which are humans.) Meaning the chimps are like our cousins, but are not “less evolved” as us, although some of us may like how that sounds.

The chimps first broke off to make the bonobos which is kind of a funny name. Humans can find out a lot about themselves by looking at shared behaviors. Which there are a lot considering we share 98.4% of our DNA with chimps.

We did evolve from the chimps but we also share most of everything with them… which makes sense because we were all flung out of the bellies of stars anyway.

Even though it seems like chimpanzees live extremely different lifestyles, we still do have shared reactions to things. Chimpanzees seem to be pretty aggressive when looking at how they meet new chimps, rip off some limbs and then leave them to die. I would say our typical “Good morning” is better. But can we really say we’re any different?

We get aggressive when our bodies think we’re threatened. We just aren’t as aggressive because the government says not to, right? If Jimmy attacks Fred in the wilderness, maybe Jimmy won’t have to deal with Fred anymore. Jimmy does that modern day… he gets fifteen years of jail. I just hate you reasonable government laws, always taking the fun out of everything.

Forests started to become flatland which meant we needed to be able to run. So our legs were our main way for getting around, also making them forward facing. This also freed up our hands allowing us to do different things such as building, and picking things up easily. Our brains were not as functional, so we weren’t able to create complex language yet.

Chimpanzees started to use tools like rocks, after developing better brain power. They also used rocks to hit other rock creating sharp edges handy for hunting and other things also.

Then they started developing better brains enabling them to do more complex things such as making tools! And having the ability to have larger groups of people. The chimpanzees started learning from each other by seeing what their other mates were doing as cheat codes for life.

We did not create modern society like poof. It took what every great thing takes… time and effort. Possibly 250,000 years of time. And a great deal of effort too.

Over time their brains kept developing and they also got taller. We did not just immediately create modern society it took years and years of improving on different things. The accumulation of knowledge kept coming and coming and as we experimented and learned from others we started improving on things and improving on that. 250,000 years of experimenting and learning, experimenting and learning over and over again until we finally got to where we are now.

The collective learning of us homo sapiens was very slow. And although back then it didn’t really seem like we were getting anywhere, progress was all that mattered. And, extremely slowly, we finally did it. And twenty years from now we'll still be excelling! And after that. It’s all progress, we won’t get anywhere without progress.

After more and more progress we finally started making fire and fascinating stone onto wood to poke stuff. Progress once again.

And despite the fact that today we have these electric fancy fires that just turn on when we want them to, it was a huge deal! They moved into colder climates and started inventing clothes.

Collective learning allows us to learn from mistakes, (like death) and allows us to learn at a much higher scale so we can prevent things (like death.)

As we created more and more tools and more and more ways to do things… that all compiled so we could do many different things.

At first we did not have anything like that and now we have so much. As long as you have people who can come up with innovative ideas, they are likely to pass it on. This makes it so that you will probably have at least some technological advancement. All of this is the whole reason humans are where we are today.


Thank you for reading cosmology for kids part 2! I hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting. Please come back for more content on more subjects and interesting things. Always keep learning, and to try to keep a positive attitude when you are trying new things. Thanks!