Collaborative Hedge Fund

WEquil.Capital is launching the world's first collaborative hedge fund with the sole mission of achieving greater absolute performance. Members of our learning community are welcome to contribute. Simply fill out This Google Form.

WEquil.Capital is growing the world's most collaborative financial services company. Many of our initiatives are quite innovative and without existing precedent. Some will fail. Some may succeed. Inviting followers from anywhere in the world to have influence over our flagship fund allocation is perhaps one of the boldest initiatives we are undertaking.

Contributors will have opportunities to discuss their investing strategy with our team, potentially join our podcast and showcase your work, and perhaps open up opportunities down the road to earn income from contributions. We are already doing this...for example, we interviewed the creator of "The Investing Plug". We featured the article on our YouTube channel and invited him to continue sharing his work in our learning community.

Why contribute to our collaborative hedge fund?

Those familiar with SeekingAlpha can think of our invitation to collaborate as building on this organizations success in several ways...

  1. Promotion of your work, blogs, and businesses ... we are happy to share your research within and outside our community. We see this as a higher form of collaboration where in we learn from your efforts an in return help grow your digital capital.

  2. Grow real relationships ... we are looking for curious and articulate thinkers with whom we can be building compound relationships with for years to come. Our "Brain Trust" gets stronger as we learn more about our various areas of competency, how we think differently, and thus benefit from our differences.

  3. Career Opportunities ... we are a young firm with big ambitions. If wee are successful we will be looking to members of our community who demonstrated Proof-of-Work for career opportunities as they arise. Some opportunities include leading research initiatives on specific industries + technologies + companies, outreach to grow our Brain Trust and clients, and portfolio management.

How to contribute?

Our Google Form provides a template and directions for submitting your insights on how to construct a simple benchmark portfolio. We are looking to keep this benchmark to under ten total securities. We have two reasons for this. First, it makes communication within and outside the fund easier which reduces cost of collaboration. Second, it allows out leadership team to build upon our benchmark and track how well our more tactical decision are contributing to fun performance.

Click the image below to get started...

Contributors who do not like our template are welcome to share their investing strategy directly with our team by joining WEquil Group. We are free to join ... and all you need to do is share some basic information about yourself through our website

Thank you for considering our opportunity to join the world's most collaborative hedge fund.


WEquil Group Leadership

You can learn more about WEquil.Capital by visiting our website.