Chess 101 For Kids!

Written By: Benjamin

Hello everybody! Today we are going to talk about how to play chess, and why you should. Hope you enjoy!

Here's a video you can watch as well:

Why people should play chess

Chess is a fun game and you only need to have 2 people! You also learn a lot from it. For example, in chess you need to look at the board and think “if i do this, you’ll do that etc.,etc.” Chess makes you think a lot about your decisions and that can be an extremely useful skill in life.

How to play chess:

In chess, the goal is to checkmate the other king on the board, or make him resign.

Here is the setup:

Here are the 6 different pieces

  1. Pawn

  2. Queen

  3. Rook

  4. Knight

  5. Bishop

  6. King

How different pieces move

Pawns can move forward, or on the first turn and THE FIRST TURN only, 2 spaces. They capture diagonal. Also when they get to the edge of the board, they can be promoted to a rook, queen, bishop,or a knight.

Queens can go in a straight line, or diagonal

Rooks can move straight.

Knights can jump over pieces and go in an L.

Bishops can go diagonal.

Kings can move one space in any direction


When one piece moves into a different one, it moves off the board. This is called capturing.

Ending the game

There are three ways to end the game:

  1. Checkmate, when the king can’t get out of check. This means the player who gave it to him WINS!!!

  2. Stalemate, “A position counting as a draw, in which a player is not in check but cannot move except into check.

  3. Resignation is when someone resigns meaning they think it is a losing game and give up.

Different rankings

Here are the rankings:


bishop & knight=3



king=∞ (the game ends if the king gets captured.)


Hopefully now you know how to play chess, Chess makes it so that you can learn different skills that are really useful while also having fun. I hope now you understand why chess is such a great game!Hope you enjoyed my article!!!