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WEquil Group Careers

Welcome to WEquil Group!

We have a global team of professionals and students supporting a wide range of complimentary projects. Our hiring process is unique ... we do not have detailed job descriptions. Instead we have goals and we ask those interested in joining our team to demonstrate their ability to help us achieve one of these goals.

You are invited to join our "Careers Room" on WEquil.App (available on mobile and the web) to learn more about our Goals. To apply, read this article in full and publish a "Project" in this Room for our team to review.


The rest of this document is structured as follows...

  1. Our Principles

  2. About Me

  3. Career Opportunities

1. Our Principles

WEquil Group was founded on "First Principle Thinking" ... a concept that drives everything we do. Please watch this video if you would like to work for WEquil Group, and share your thoughts in your application.

All members of WEquil Group agree to follow these three Universal Principles (UP). These principles form the base of our "Code of Conduct" and community culture.

All of our students and employees agree to strive for three additional principles:

4. Radical Transparency

5. Self-Directed Collaboration

6. Demonstrate, Iterate, Improve

Radical transparency allows teams with shared values to reach peak effectiveness in achieving shared goals. The approach requires that all communication be available to everyone else in the team, and everyone has the opportunity to share their interests, ideas, and express disagreement with others. Radical transparency does not require creates trust between those who grow confident to receive feedback.

Self-Directed Collaboration requires that all team members take initiative in identifying the ways they can help and collaborate with others to determine their next steps. This requires both an entrepreneurial and leadership mindset, and the relationship skills to get buy-in and enhance the value of everyone else in our team. Demonstrate, Iterate, Improve ... This is how real value is created in the real world. All team members must demonstrate their ability to add value to our community before our Leadership team will accept a business relationship. How you do so will depend on you. Those that succeed will continually seek feedback, ask questions, socialize ideas and improve through a process of iteration.

Both of these principles for the basis of "Project Based Learning" which is a core philosophy we employ at WEquil.School. To create a Project of real need to know how to drive yourself and work with others. You must then present your work to others so that you may learn from them how to best iterate and improve. To better understand how these concepts relate to your application, watch these videos and include your reflections.

2. About Me

To have a successful career at WEquil Group you need to understand who you are and what you want. This will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary suffering in life. To understand why please watch this video and include your reflections in your application.

All of our students and employees are expected to create an "About Me" project as part of their application. This purpose of this project is to help our leadership team and others in our community learn more about what makes you unique.

We require this because your "About Me" project helps us achieve our mission ... by connecting our career applicants with the right opportunities. We wish to "Personalize" your career to your unique strength, interests and passions. This approach aligns our hiring process to our thesis on the "Personalized Economy".

Your "About Me" project is also also opportunity to better know yourself, a critical step towards building "Specific Knowledge" ... which was an inspiration behind our mission.

We may hire you or accept you into our school ... but,

  • No manager can tell you how to add the most value given your unique strengths.

  • No teacher can tell you your unique circle of competence.

  • No leader can tell you how best to succeed within your team.

  • No mentor can tell you how best to grow yourself to become irreplaceable.

We want to empower all our community members...including team find freedom. We believe our approach provides the maximum possible freedom to our team members so they can customize their careers at WEquil Group to reflect and grow their Specific Knowledge. This is how we help you become irreplaceable.

3. Career Opportunities

Everything we do at WEquil Group requires an entrepreneurial mindset. We are innovators...from the creative projects our students present on Demo Day, to the software we build as we revolutionize education. To better understand the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset, please watch this video and share your reflections in your application.

Every member of our team is responsible for taking initiative in growing their own career. This stems from our Mission and Principles ... that everyone is an individual with unique strengths and interests only they can fully learn to use by building Specific Knowledge.

As a result, our leadership team expects everyone to write their own job description and propose their own compensation package. All work is virtual and hours are flexible so long as members clearly communicate these with their teams.

All contracts in WEquil Group are "At-Will" meaning that you and leadership are welcome to re-negotiate or walk away at any time. This allows all business relationships to be perfectly fluid and change with reality. This makes WEquil Group a risky place to work, but can also provide for rapid professional growth. By approaching all our business relationships this way, leadership gives you complete freedom to engage with us on Win-Win opportunities that you design.

We have many opportunities for developers in our community. Our career opportunities are limitless because we do not pretend to know all the Win-Win opportunities that exist between WEquil Group and the world. However, we do have a few key positions listed on our "Jobs" page.


Below we list some common Win-Win opportunities that our members are currently engaging in to help you decide what opportunities to pursue...

  1. Developer - We are hiring Developers to help build WEquil.App. We pay our Flutter Developers in $USD at an hourly rate as contractors. We hire from most countries around the world.

  2. Virtual Teachers - Anyone in our Community is welcome to create their own class, set their own rates, and set their own hours. Leadership only requires three items. First is to demonstrate competence in the area they wish to teach. Then we conduct a live interview to share with our community. This helps with the last step which is to receive buy-in from at least three students which sign up before we launch the virtual classroom which teachers access and control through WEquil.App.

We are actively recruiting developers and data scientists ... especially those living in India. Please watch this video if you have interest in working as a developer for WEquil.App.

Thank you for your interest in careers at WEquil Group.

We look forward to reviewing your application in our Careers Room.


WEquil Family