WEquil Group Careers

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Welcome to WEquil Group!

We have a global team of students and professionals supporting a wide range of complimentary projects. Our process is unique ... we have no detailed work plans or project managers. Instead we use Self-Directed Collaboration. Everyone to the highest level is responsible for following their own Path to Equilibrium by identifying the ways they can add value to our community using their unique strengths and interests.

The rest of this document is structured as follows...

  1. Our Principles

  2. Major Projects

  3. Career Opportunities

  4. Path to Success

  5. Developer Daily Process

1. Our Principles

All members of WEquil Group agree to follow these three principles.

  1. Radical Transparency

  2. Self-Directed Collaboration

  3. Demonstrate, Iterate, Improve

Radical transparency allows teams with shared values to reach peak effectiveness in achieving shared goals. The approach requires that all communication be available to everyone else in the team, and everyone has the opportunity to share their interests, ideas, and express disagreement with others. Radical transparency does not require trust...it creates trust between those who grow confident to receive feedback. Self-Directed Collaboration requires that all team members take initiative in identifying the ways they can help and collaborate with others to determine their next steps. This requires both an entrepreneurial and leadership mindset, and the relationship skills to get buy-in and enhance the value of everyone else in our team. Demonstrate, Iterate, Improve ... This is how real value is created in the real world. All team members must demonstrate their ability to add value to our community before our Leadership team will accept a business relationship. How you do so will depend on you. Those that succeed will continually seek feedback, ask questions, socialize ideas and improve through a process of iteration. These principles apply to both students and developers at Wequil Group...because these principles define the process of success in our new digital, decentralized, personalized global economy.

Knowing Yourself is the first steps to finding Your Path to Equilibrium.

  • No manager can tell you how to add the most value given your unique strengths.

  • No teacher can tell you your unique circle of competence.

  • No leader can tell you how best to succeed within your team.

  • No mentor can tell you how best to grow yourself to become irreplaceable.

We want to empower all our community members...including team members...to find freedom. We believe our approach provides the maximum possible freedom to our team members so they can customize their careers at WEquil Group to reflect and grow their Specific Knowledge. This is how we help you become irreplaceable.

2. Major Projects

WEquil Group is hiring contractors and partners across every service. Our major projects and initiatives are listed below. Applicants or existing members are welcome to explore other projects at any time and try them out simultaneously.

  1. WEquil.App - Flutter based WebApp that we are building to automate and integrate our community. Our WebApp is essentially scaling our school and expanding it to allow for collaboration between members of WEquil.Startups and WEquil.Capital. See details here.

  2. WEquilCoin - Ethereum based cryptocurrency to facilitate collaboration in our digital project based economy. WEquilCoin is essentially a "Favor Token" that helps to reduce frictions in a "Reciprocation Economy". See Details here.

  3. WEquil.School - A virtual school that we are expanding into a full service path to High School graduation and higher education service platform. We are looking for an executive to help us expand the school beyond the current free option on WEquil.App into a low cost private and Charter school options in the USA.

  4. WEquil.Capital - A financial services firm that operates a hedge fund for accredited investors, investment advisory for all investors, financial risk management consulting for institutions, and original research through our learning community.

  5. WEquil.Startups - A startup incubator that specializes in providing non-technical founders with technical solutions such as Flutter App development, data driven automation and machine learning, rapid prototyping, identification of core users, and social media marketing.

The nature of our school and startup incubator create new project opportunities all the time. We have parents and students creating new classes and designing products...some of which will likely be feeding into the startup incubator. If you have ideas for your own projects you are welcome to discuss with our leadership team to find out how we can help you.

3. Career Opportunities

Every member of our team is responsible for growing their own career by following their own Path to Equilibrium. This stems from our principle that everyone is an individual with unique strengths and interests only they can fully learn to appreciate. As a result, our leadership team expects everyone to write their own job description and propose their own compensation package. All work is virtual and hours are flexible so long as members clearly communicate these with their teams.

All contracts in WEquil Group are "At-Will" meaning that you and leadership are welcome to re-negotiate or walk away at any time. This allows all business relationships to be perfectly fluid and change with reality. This makes WEquil Group a risky place to work, but can also provide for rapid professional growth. By approaching all our business relationships this way , leadership gives you complete freedom to engage with us on Win-Win opportunities that you design.

We have many opportunities for developers in our community to grow human, financial and digital capital. Our career opportunities are limitless because we do not pretend to know all the Win-Win opportunities that exist between WEquil Group and the world. However, we do have a few key positions listed on our "Jobs" page.

Below we list some common Win-Win opportunities that our members are currently engaging in to help you decide what opportunities to pursue...

  1. Flutter Developer - We are hiring Flutter Developers to help build WEquil.App. We pay our Flutter Developers in $USD at an hourly rate as contractors. We hire from most countries around the world.

  2. Virtual Teachers - Anyone in our Community is welcome to create their own class, set their own rates, and set their own hours. Leadership only requires three items. First is to demonstrate competence in the area they wish to teach. Then we conduct a live interview to share with our community. This helps with the last step which is to receive buy-in from at least three students which sign up before we launch the virtual classroom which teachers access and control through WEquil.App.

4. Path to Success

This section describes how we begin collaborating with new members, construct a compensation package and provide a Path to Career Success.

New members begin our process during a two week "Interview" where they have the opportunity to demonstrate value to our community. At the end of this Interview they are welcome to reach out to leadership with a written job description and desired pay package. Leadership then reviews this package and determines appropriateness. Acceptance depends on the value the individual demonstrated to the community during their Interview and is subject to change at any time.

New members that are not accepted the first time are welcome to stay and apply later if they believe doing so is their best Path to Equilibrium. Some stay because we provide Human and Digital Capital to contributors even if we are not ready to pay them their desired Financial Capital. We do not require formal education or work experience for most positions. This creates a unique opportunity for those willing to keep going so long as they value the experience. Successful team members learn to channel their unique strengths to propose solutions, help others, take initiative, and ultimately demonstrate value to the rest of the team on our radically transparent platform where everyone's efforts are known and socialized by everyone else including our users. They also help in other ways that help them see the big picture of WEquil Group by doing the following...

  1. Study our websites WEquil.com WEquil.App WEquil.School IntuitEcon.com.

  2. Follow the social media platforms and connect with others through our Twitter, Facebook, and subscribing to our YouTube channels. Those links are just for WEquil.School.

  3. Grow WEquil Group by sharing our story and opportunities with other developers, potential students, EdTech leaders, and anyone else that you think we can help and can add value to our community.

  4. Demonstrate the principles of learning we teach our students at WEquil.School.

  5. Create a unique path for yourself to grow within WEquil Group so you can achieve Equilibrium.

5. Developer Daily Process

WEquil Group is essentially become a decentralized digital economy through the integration of our pillars in WEquil.App and token payments with WEquilCoin. This is a highly complex process that requires a high degree of coordination. As a result we have a rather rigorous and strict process for joining the WEquil.App or WEquilCoin teams. This sections explains that process.

Our process workflow follows a weekly set of steps to operationalize our principles. Every day each team member is responsible for making progress independently while also collaborating with others through our Slack group. All team members will share a brief update in Slack (no more than 10 sentences) on their progress, next steps, and why their efforts are the best way for them to help us achieve our objectives. Open channel communication is preferred over direct communication between team members for anything work related. Direct communication is encouraged for relationship building, and suggested as a team building exercise on Tuesdays (see process) so our team builds trust and appreciation for others as people outside of work. While on vacation, continue to send the update stating “on vacation until date X/Y”. All members are expected to know everyone else’s core competencies as shown on WEquil Group and collaborate to ensure their efforts are integrated effectively with the team. All team members are encouraged to follow our weekly process:

  1. Monday Zoom Meeting at 1:30 P.M. Eastern to share progress and collaborate to determine next steps. Share a summary of what you wish to present before each meeting, and your takeaways after each meeting on Slack. There are separate breakout rooms for the WEquilCoin and WEquil.App teams...having them at the same time allows for increased coordination and acknowledges that some members are involved in both.

  2. Tuesday Team Building - Review all developer profiles on WEquil.Com and WEquil.School to ensure you understand how your strengths best complement the team. Reach out to at least one member on Slack and get to know them personally over the phone or WhatsApp to build a relationship. Share on Slack so our leadership can appreciate your leadership in cultivating relationships.

  3. Wednesday Write / PR Day - Write a Creative Project using a template on WEquil.School. Learn to love learning using our process. Write about something you want to showcase on your WEquil blog space so you can grow your digital capital. You can also review one or more blog posts or YouTube videos from WEquil Group, provide feedback, and share one way WEquil can do more to help you achieve Equilibrium on Slack.

  4. Thursday Zoom Meeting at 1:30 P.M. Eastern to share progress and collaborate to determine next steps. Share a summary of what you wish to present before each meeting, and your takeaways after each meeting on Slack. There are separate breakout rooms for the WEquilCoin and WEquil.App teams...having them at the same time allows for increased coordination and acknowledges that some members are involved in both.

  5. Friday Family Engagement - Message and “@“ all Demo Day participants in the “Demo Day“ channel, congratulate them on their progress at WEquil.School, and provide feedback on one project of your choosing, and ask for feedback from them on how to improve WEquil.School. Join our WEquil Group Happy Hour event every Friday at 5pm EST!

  6. Saturday Demo Day - Add value directly to student presenters at WEquil.School. You can do this by helping share posts on social media to boost participation in Demo Day, attend Demo Day and support our presenters and guest speaker with comments on live feed, and providing encouragement after Demo Day on our Slack group. Join our WEquil Group Team Building event every Saturday at 5pm EST!

  7. Sunday Rest / PR Day - Do nothing related to WEquil Group. Rest and take care of yourself.

Developer Daily Process

Developers should post an update on their progress daily (except Sunday) in the webapp-daily-updates channel on Slack. WEquil is an international group, so having daily stand-ups is difficult to do. In order to know what everyone is doing, we provide daily updates instead of having to meet everyday for a couple of minutes.

Include what you have accomplished so far and your next steps.

  • Process - What you have finished so far.

  • Next - what you are working on next and your plans.

If you do not have much, you can say that as well. If you have no updates to provide, a simple "I do not have any updates currently" will suffice.

Example Daily Update


  • PR - Pull Request - On PR days in the weekly process, developers needs to submit a PR request by the end of the day or by 9 A.M EST at the latest the next day so the reviewer has sufficient time to review and resolve merge conflicts. Developers will have a chance to let users see and test what they have been working on and receive feedback.

Zoom Meeting Host Process

At the start of the meeting, create 2 breakout rooms that allows the participate to choose which room they want to join. Name them

  1. App

  2. Capital

The WebApp and WEquil Capital team will be working closely together. Giving the members the ability to switch rooms allows them to work closely with the team that current aligns with what they are working on.

After each meeting, create a meeting summary as a post on the webapp channel on Slack that has the following:

  1. Includes the date of the meeting

  2. List of people who showed up on time or early

  3. Important information that was discussed during the meeting.

  4. List of people who submit a PR request before the meeting as discussed in the Terminology section.

There is no set format for this document. Make it readable and organized.

You may view summaries of past meetings here.

If you need editing access, please contact Joseph, Sumay or Wei.

No Shows & Late Attendees

If you did not show up to the meeting or you were late, let us know the reason for it below the meeting summary post as a thread. For example, someone could show up late because of wifi issues. This is part of our radical transparency so we know what’s going on with the team so we do not have to wait for anyone if something happens and reassign the work if it is a critical feature.

Team members are also encouraged to help us improve this process. Share your ideas on our Slack groups.

Thank you for considering WEquil Group to help you grow your career.