Blockchain Startups Symposium

Updated: Nov 12

Watch our first monthly Blockchain Startups Symposium on November 13th at 1:00pm EST live on YouTube! You. can also sign up for future Symposiums at this link on Facebook.

Blockchain startup founders, developers, and investors are welcome to join our symposium second Saturday of each month at the same starting time of 1PM EST. Join our Slack group to present. We are growing a learning community to help facilitate development of useful blockchain technologies across all platforms as we ride the wave toward Web 3.0.

Presenting are welcome to publish articles about their Blockchain Startups to share with our learning community and the outside world. WEquil helps presenters in many ways. We help launch new startups through WEquil.Startups. We can find potential investors through WEquil.Capital. We also share interviews and insights on Blockchain technology with WEquil.School!

Here is one example from Sumay Lu's interview with Brenda Loya, Founder and CEO of Tellor.

Everyone is welcome to attend. The link to our symposium will be through Zoom and provided through Slack. We will begin with brief presentations by our presenters before breaking out into rooms for each to discuss details with those who have interest.

Thank you for joining our Blockchain Startups learning community and considering our Blockchain Startups Symposium.


Princedede Godswill, Co-Founder of Quatre Finance

Bolarinwa Odupe, Founder of Centiiv

Joe WEquil, CEO of WEquil Group

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