An Educational Experiment

Dear Parents,

During the pandemic my sister Aila and I created our own virtual learning community WEquil School to help kids learn independently. What started as a necessity during the lockdowns became an opportunity to learn, grow and create by doing real things to prepare for the real world.

We never went back to public school, opting instead to grow our global community and portfolio of projects using WEquil.App ... a free WebApp (no download required) I created along with a team of Google Tech developers that helps kids and adults use our WEquil School philosophy. We do a lot of teaching, writing, and collaboration on projects. We also teach kids how to become self-directed with the help of software ... learning by doing real things inspired by their strengths, interests, our tools and community relationships.

Homeschoolers find WEquil.App especially helpful because it helps them showcase all the ways they are learning such as building apps, creating games, creative stories, technical writing, public demonstrations, teaching classes, creating videos, STEM research and applications, 3D Printing, learning from TED and experts at Khan Academy and YouTube, interviews, and so much more! Parents love it because their kids become very responsible, great communicators, and highly confident so they can take control of their education and not be dependent on parents or teachers to judge their competency or tell them how best to grow themselves.

Some call www.WEquil.School an "experiment" ... but the truth is that humans have always learned best by doing real things in groups of kids and adults of varying ages and abilities. The real experiment is the public education system where kids rarely have any autonomy to discover themselves. While I was in public school I rarely got a chance to teach, collaborate, or create anything of value for other people. Everything I did in school was evaluated by one person and then thrown away. No homework assignment or test was iterated upon to improve or received feedback from others so I could learn to listen and discover my circle of competence for myself.

Public schools helped create the middle class and teach kids to read and write, but the internet and zero-cost scaling software has rendered many traditional schooling practices less important like a dependence on memorization, frequent test taking, and learning from one teacher at a time in a physical building. What matters now is the ability to use knowledge to create value for other people. That is what we do at WEquil School. That is why our students publish books on Kindle, create businesses like WEquil Wands, build apps, teach classes, and showcase their accomplishments every Friday to their fellow Virtual Learning Pods mates and parents and now the world through We Voices. This is as close to "real world" learning as you can get ... that is why our approach is so effective for preparing for the real world.

WEquil.App allows anyone in the world to demonstrate competence by applying what they are learning to help solve real problems in a format that provides proof-of-work on demand 247/365 from anywhere with an internet connection. That is why companies like Google and KDAB are supporting our "experiment".

For more information, you are invited to watch my interview with KDAB linked below.

You are welcome to come meet my team by going to WEquil.App and clicking the "Discord" button.

Sincerely, Sumay Lu McPhail CEO of WEquil Group CEO of WEquil.App