About Vishal Daryanani!

Hey! I’m Vishal Daryanani, COO of WEquil Group. In an effort to encourage collaboration within our group, I’m writing this “About Me” project, where you can learn a little bit more about who I am, what I love to do and what my strengths are! By making this reflection public, members of the community can reach out to me if they are interested in anything I am writing about. We encourage all members of WEquil Group to create a similar project and share with each other. I’ll answer two questions for this reflection. If you would like to read some more guiding questions to write your own “About Me” project, you can see some ideas here.

The first question I’ll answer is: what qualities do you hope your friends see in you? I think a few qualities I value a lot are positivity, light-heartedness and supportiveness. I am fortunate enough to where my basic needs of health and shelter are met, so most of the difficulty I face in my life is due to mindset. Knowing this, I really value going through life with positivity and light-heartedness because it means that I am not creating obstacles and unnecessary resistance for myself. This is easier said than done, however. While I strive to lead a life with these qualities, I recognize that it can be very challenging to find and maintain equilibrium. This is why I also value supportiveness a lot. To me, it is an understanding that we all have moments of weakness despite how easy or challenging our circumstances are. It is important to me that my friends know that I have their back and that they have someone to support them.

Many believe we shouldn't follow the path of least resistance. I believe there will always be resistance to overcome in life but many times we add unhealthy and unnecessary resistance to our lives.

The second question I’ll be answering is: what do you do for fun? This question is important to me because I really believe that fun is an important ingredient to a happy and sustainable lifestyle. I’ve noticed that I have the most fun when I do activities that are highly immersive and/or progress me to a goal. Physical activities such as weightlifting, surfing and martial arts tick both of these boxes for me. All these activities are immersive as they require hyper-focus. A lapse of focus will lead to an unsuccessful lift, wiping out with a wave or getting pinned and controlled in a match of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These activities also allow for measurable progression, which keeps me interested as I really enjoy honing these skills. Not all activities need to allow for progress to be fun, however. Eating great, delicious food and exploring new settings are both things that I have a lot of fun doing. Doing things that are immersive and keep me present are truly fun for me, whether they develop skills or not.

Progression is fun

and so is immersion!

That’s a little bit about me! If you resonate with anything I’ve written about, I’m happy to connect and chat. Everyone reading this is encouraged to write their own project (it can be as short or as long as you'd like) and share with the community! Sincerely, Vishal Daryanani

COO of WEquil Group