About Me - Rishi Daryanani

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Hello. Alright let’s take a stab at this. This is my “About Me” article for WEquil Group. The first question is, “When was a time that you were so happy that nothing else mattered?” It was last year in February right before most countries started locking down due to COVID19. I tried surfing for the first time ever in a place called Playa Venao in Panama. Although it was initially hard to pick up, I eventually started to see improvement. I was able to catch the face of the wave on many instances and remain standing for a long period of time. As a novice, this little milestone was exhilarating. Moments like these made me forget about any worry I had back home and truly learn to appreciate the sensation of conquering something so chaotic and unruly like an ocean wave.

I was in pure bliss as nothing crossed my mind at the moment. The only things that were real to me were the sunset, the clear and smooth waves approaching my direction, and the soothing sounds of “Deep House” music in the background blasting from the speakers in the nearby resort.

On to the second question, “If you could make anything, what would you make?

I would like to build a virtual museum on WEquilCraft that showcases tokenized digital art made by members of our community. The building itself could be a replica of a famous museum like the Louvre or the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). Members that create noteworthy art would be able to showcase their piece while others could place bids to buy the NFTs of the corresponding artwork.

Last but not least, “What qualities do you look for in a friend?”

When it comes to friendship it’s pretty straightforward. I think it’s important to meet people that share a common interest with you, and feel excited talking about or doing the same things as you. Friendships can’t be forced. They must develop naturally. It’s also important to look for people that share your sense of humor. Life shouldn’t always be serious, and a good laugh is a cure for most bad moods.

All in all, that’s me in a nutshell.


Rishi Daryanani

Chief Strategy Officer,