A message to all members of WEquil.Capital

Greetings to all members of WEquilCapital!

I am happy to announce that for the first time this Saturday at 3:00 PM EST we will officially be taking part in this week’s group-wide demo day, and participating in discussions related to the following topic:

“Know Thyself… and the Personalized Economy.”

As outlined in the flier posted on the front page of our website (WEquil.com), we will discuss several topics related to different technologies that will thrive as we venture into this digital era and grow into a new Personalized Economy. Our focus will be on 3D Printing, Genomics, and EdTech.

Happy Hour will also be moved from Thursday to Fridays at 5:00 PM EST. All members of WEquilGroup are invited to attend Happy Hour! Make sure to grab a drink and join us on Zoom for some fun, engaging and provocative discussions about markets and the current state of our global economy or any other topic pertaining to WEquilGroup that interests you!

And to also give you a headstart, next week’s upcoming theme will be:

“NFTs and Arts”

This is a wonderful topic to really dive deep into as we explore another valuable use case for Blockchain, which is quickly developing into a dominant form of technology that is already providing us with many useful tools like Smart Contracts and Decentralized Apps.

We recently did a podcast with a member of our community, Juan Pablo Dulanto, who also works for PleasrDAO, an organization that purchases many valuable NFTs or Digital Works of art and fractionalizes them into securities that are sold to the public. This company successfully bought the original DOGE NFT for $4 million USD and almost had it reach a valuation of $550 million USD after dividing the asset into fractional tokens that would be offered to the public.

To those that are interested in learning more about NFTs and DAOs, the podcast episode is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The video version will be available on Youtube on Saturday at 4 PM EST.

The next few weeks will be pivotal for WEquilCapital as we start to integrate more and more into WEquilGroup. We will begin to tie in our weekly discussion themes with the relevant projects that will be created by WEquilSchool’s students. Within the next few weeks we will also be having numerous guest speakers come in from the WEquilStartups community to discuss the future of Blockchain and the role of DAOs and NFTs. Anyone is invited to join, discuss and have a fun time growing their human capital.

My name is Rishi Daryanani and as the CEO of WEquilCapital I would like to thank everyone who has joined our learning community. We want to grow a hivemind of thinkers that want to combine their knowledge and constantly iterate on one another’s ideas in order to generate well established conclusions about our world as a collective.

As CEO of WEquilCapital I will strive to make our learning community a space that benefits its members first and foremost.

If you have a draft or any Minimum Viable Project that is related to next week’s topic on NFT and Art feel free to share it next Friday in one of our breakout rooms during Happy Hour.

Writing a rough draft of your thoughts after researching and presenting it in order to socialize and later iterate upon it is one of the most efficient and effective ways to gain a deeper understanding of not only investing but any topic that you chose to learn about.

Joseph McPhail aka “Mr. WEquil” and WEquilGroup’s CEO is a highly qualified individual. Apart from writing numerous publications that are related to investing, modeling and machine learning he has served over 6 years as a financial regulator in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). As a man of first principles, he retired early from his position and dedicated himself full time to helping his daughter grow her own online education xompany, WEquilSchool.

This is the person that has opened himself to our learning community and is willing to give his honest feedback to anyone that wants to present written research in the form of a Minimum Viable Project.

Opportunities like this are very rare and any individual that feels a desire to actively grow as an investor should jump in and be bold enough to share their written work.

This is what many of us would call the path to Equilibrium.

Looking forward to sharing more updates with all of you.

Sincerely, Rishi Daryanani, CEO of WEquilCapital Vishal Daryanani, COO of WEquilGroup

Joseph McPhail, “Mr WEquil”, CEO of WEquilGroup.