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About Us

The WEquil Team

WEquil started out as a tool for teaching our kids about innovation. In 2015, we began teaching them to program games, playing with robots, and building simple applications. Next thing we knew...our weekend activities expanded to building apps with college kids, meeting local entrepreneurs, and helping our kids start their own coding school.


We spend a lot of time learning from leading minds: successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, personal heroes. What we have come to appreciate is that automation and platform technologies will disrupt the mundane and repetitious. To succeed you cannot copy some need to be the best at being you.


With WEquil we hope to better prepare our kids for an uncertain future, by teaching them how to collaborate with others, and express their ideas in words and code.


We also hope to collaborate with others that share our passion for technology, innovation, and solving real problems with creative solutions.

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Thank you for your interest in our family project!