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Our mission is to help you reach equilibrium.

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The Three Pillars

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Virtual Classes
Financial Learning Community
Startup Incubator
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Are you a potential student, parent or mentor with an interest in rethinking education?
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Are you a deeply curious individual who is looking to learn more about investing and our new digital, personalized economy?
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Do you want to launch a startup that you are truly passionate about or are you an angel investor with an eye for good ideas?
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Do you have experience coding with Flutter and the desire  to collaborate with our team of highly skilled developers?

Path to Equilibrium

WEquil Group is a decentralized learning community of shared principles seeking Equilibrium... harmony between our unique strengths and the wants and needs of the world.

Balancing Rocks

Anyone with an interest in joining is free to do so. Follow the links for the communities that you wish to join. 

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Creating a truly
global and diverse
learning community.

What we do

WEquil.School teaches Deep Learning... how to learn faster by doing real things to prepare for the real world.
WEquil.Capital teaches Deep Value... 
how to grow human, financial, and digital capital so you can be free.
WEquil.Startups teaches Deep Roots.. .  how to create a company built on your unique strengths, interests, and passions.
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Joseph McPhail, CFA, FRM

CEO of WEquil Group

Joseph founded WEquil Group to connect and collaborate with innovators who share his passion for education, investing, and entrepreneurship.


Sumay McPhail

CEO of WEquil.School, WEquil.Startups and WEquil.App

Sumay started WEquil School during the pandemic to help kids around the world learn project based learning.

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