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WEquil Capital

Deep Value

WEquil Capital is a blog about economics, finance and investing.
We help people grow wealth by learning how value is created and investing in undervalued technologies, companies and the people that are building them.
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WEquil Capital has not published any articles, but hopes to soon once WEquil School is more mature.

The Team

Rishi Daryanani

Chief Operating Officer - WEquil.Capital

Rishi was named COO upon being the first member of the Brain Trust to co-author a research publication. Rishi’s desire to facilitate the spread of knowledge amongst all investors drives him to promote WEquil Capital as the world’s most collaborative hedge fund.

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Vishal Daryanani

Digital Growth Strategist at WEquil.Capital

Vishal specializes in growing high impact brands through implementing scalable content and communication strategies. He is motivated by building awareness of resources that enable people to succeed in the globalized digital economy.

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